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  • Ghostface May Be An Actual Ghost in MTV’s ‘Scream’ TV Show

    Slasher horror franchise ‘Scream’ is currently being adapted into a TV show for MTV, and producer Harvey Weinstein has said that the series will delve into the supernatural.

    (36) by Hannah Shaw-Williams
  • Wes Craven Says ‘Scream 5’ Is Happening

    Despite an underwhelming box office take for ‘Scream 4,’ director Wes Craven says that ‘Scream 5′ is almost definitely on the way — though possibly without him directing.

    (653) by Ben Moore
  • Harvey Weinstein Insists ‘Scream 5′ Will Still Happen

    Despite the disappointing domestic box office gross of ‘Scream 4′, executive producer Harvey Weinstein insists that the franchise will continue and that director Wes Craven will likely be involved.

    (39) by Chris Schrader
  • ‘Scream 5′ Appears Dead; Franchise To Be Rebooted?

    Due to the unimpressive box office returns for ‘Scream 4′, it looks like ‘Scream 5′ is dead in the water. But will the franchise be rebooted?

    (100) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Wes Craven Is Up For New ‘Scream’ Trilogy

    Dimension Films is searching for a ‘Scream 5′ screenwriter, and director Wes Craven says he’s game for a new trilogy – despite the production issues with ‘Scream 4′.

    (17) by Sandy Schaefer