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  • 10 Most Expensive TV Series Ever Made

    Entertainment is a costly business. Let’s hope your favorite series has deep pockets as you read our list most expensive TV series ever made.

    (1) by M. Carter
  • HBO’s ‘Rome’ Movie Still Marching Forward

    First details on HBO’s ‘Rome’ movie have emerged. When will take place? Which cast members are returning and is HBO even involved?

    (33) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Ray Stevenson Talks Fat Volstagg in Thor

    Ray Stevenson made his mark playing Titus Pullo in the incredible Rome series, but he also made a splash earlier this year playing the title…

    (16) by Rob Keyes
  • Kevin McKidd Talks Call of Duty & Rome Movies

    Kevin McKidd is one of those actors who deserves some major roles and more spotlight attention. He was incredible in the way-too-short HBO series, Rome,…

    (24) by Rob Keyes
  • HBO’s ‘Rome’ Movie Is Definitely Happening

    Movie Web nabbed a nice exclusive with actor Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone) and had the extra good sense to pry a little more information…

    (32) by Kofi Outlaw