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  • DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: October 25, 2011

    The ‘Jurassic Park’ trilogy finally reaches Blu-ray and ‘Captain America’ adds to the Marvel collection on home video in this week’s DVD and Blu-ray releases. Find out what else is worth your money.

    (14) by Mike Eisenberg
  • DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: July 12, 2011

    We have the breakdown of the lastest DVD/Blu-rays and their features. Find out if the Blu-ray release of ‘Brazil’ is worth your money and just how great ‘Rango’ looks on home video.

    (12) by Mike Eisenberg
  • Robot Chicken Meets Voltron In ‘Titan Maximum’

    The brains behind the sci-fi, super-hero and action figure-stuffed animated comedy Robot Chicken are taking a spin-off to Saturn’s biggest moon with Titan Maximum. Co-head…

    (3) by John Scott Lewinski
  • Is Marvel Ripping Off ‘Robot Chicken?’

    So… have you SEEN the teaser trailer for Marvel’s internet series Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! Ok, well, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet,…

    (26) by Kofi Outlaw