Latest 'Resident Evil 6' News

  • Movie News Wrap Up: Resident Evil 6, Jane Got a Gun, and More

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter wraps production; Natalie Portman Western Jane Got a Gun receives a UK trailer; and more!

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  • Resident Evil 6 Set Photos Highlight Cast Members & Costumes

    The cast of Resident Evil 6 take to social media to show off some behind-the-scenes photos and the film’s costumes.

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  • Resident Evil 6 Cast & Synopsis: Albert Wesker Returning

    The supporting cast of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – the sixth entry in the long-running franchise – includes Eoin Macken and Ruby Rose.

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  • ‘Resident Evil': Ali Larter Talks ‘The Final Chapter’ & Female Action Movies

    Ali Larter confirms ‘Resident Evil 6′ will be the last installment by Paul W.S. Anderson and teases the end of Claire Redfield’s story.

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  • ‘Bad Boys 3 & 4′, ‘Dark Tower’, ‘Jumanji’ & More Get Release Dates

    Sony Pictures has set new release dates for several films, including two ‘Bad Boys’ movies, ‘The Dark Tower’, ‘Uncharted’, and many more!

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  • ‘Resident Evil': Ali Larter Returning For ‘The Final Chapter’

    Ali Larter – who played Claire Redfield in the third and fourth ‘Resident Evil’ movies – is returning for the sixth (and final) film.

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  • ‘Resident Evil 6′ To Begin Filming Soon For Fall 2016 Release

    Milla Jovovich has teased the start of production on Paul W.S. Anderson’s last ‘Resident Evil’ movie, subtitled ‘The Final Chapter’.

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  • ‘Resident Evil 6′: Milla Jovovich Reaffirms Summer 2015 Filming Start Date

    ‘Resident Evil’ franchise star Milla Jovovich has confirmed that filming on the next installment, ‘The Final Chapter’, will begin this year as planned.

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  • ‘Resident Evil 6′ Delays Production Until 2015

    After a mounting series of external production delays, filming on ‘Resident Evil 6′ has been put off until the summer of 2015.

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  • ‘Resident Evil 6′ Has a Working Title; Planned as the Last Movie

    Paul W.S. Anderson reveals that he’s in the middle of writing the script for the sixth ‘Resident Evil’ film, tentatively subtitled ‘The Final Chapter’ (for obvious reasons).

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  • Paul W.S. Anderson Talks ‘Resident Evil 6′; Title Possibly Revealed

    Paul W.S. Anderson is still working on a sixth (and possibly final) ‘Resident Evil’ movie, which will bring back Bingbing Li as Ada Wong.

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  • ‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie Update: Filming to Begin This Fall

    Amid confusion over its true release date, director Paul W.S. Anderson has confirmed that he will begin shooting ‘Resident Evil 6’ in the fall of 2013.

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  • Paul W.S. Anderson Directing ‘Resident Evil 6′

    Paul W.S. Anderson (AVP: Alien vs. Predator) will direct ‘Resident Evil 6.’ Will it be the final film in the franchise?

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  • ‘Resident Evil 6′ Gets a September 2014 Release Date

    Sony has scheduled the sixth ‘Resident Evil’ movie for a September 2014 release. Will this be the last installment starring Milla Jovovich and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson?

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