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  • 12 Deadliest Viruses in Movies

    Check out this list of awesome movie viruses!

    (3) by Helen Engleberth
  • 15 Horror Movies That Will Give You Nightmares

    Are you in the mood for a scare? Here are 15 horror films featuring creepy creatures that will probably end up giving you nightmares.

    (43) by Scout Tafoya
  • The 8 Scariest Moments in Modern Horror Movies

    We’re counting down some of the scariest moments in modern horror films. See if your favorite made the list.

    (100) by Anthony Taormina
  • ‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’ Trailer & Synopsis: Get Ready to Set Sail

    The ‘[REC] 4: Apocalypse’ trailer and official synopsis reveals that we’re back with Ángela Vidal – on a boat.

    (26) by Perri Nemiroff
  • ‘[REC] 3: Genesis’ Red-Band Trailer

    The third entry in the ‘[REC]’ series – ‘[REC] 3: Genesis’ – has a very bloody red-band trailer.

    (8) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • [REC] 2 In Theaters This July?

    [REC] 2 may be heading to theaters in July, giving us a chance to see the sequel to one of the scarier movies ever.

    (6) by Mike Eisenberg
  • ‘[Rec]’ Writers & Directors Returning For Third Movie

    We’ve not even seen [REC] 2 – the sequel to the terrific Spanish-language zombie film, [REC] – rear its bloody head in worldwide theaters yet,…

    (3) by Ross Miller
  • Top 5 Movies That Scared the Hell Out of Me

    It’s October, the month where our thoughts turn to Halloween and scary movies – here’s one list of films that scared the heck out of one of our writers.

    (1,031) by Ross Miller