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  • Oscars 2016: Chris Rock Confirmed as Ceremony Host

    The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has confirmed that Chris Rock will host the 2016 Oscars ceremony.

    (8) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Chris Rock in Talks to Host 2016 Oscars Ceremony

    After a 2015 ceremony that dropped huge in the ratings, Oscar producers are reportedly in talks with a well-regarded former host for 2016: Chris Rock.

    (8) by Michael Kennedy
  • Emma Stone, David Oyelowo, Benedict Cumberbatch & More Invited to Join Academy

    The Academy has added Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Stone, David Oyelowo, and hundreds more to its ranks.

    (1) by Mark Lieberman
  • Academy Awards May Return to 5 Best Picture Nominees

    Members of the Academy are pushing for the Oscars to go back to just five Best Picture nominees. Is that a good idea?

    (43) by Chris Agar
  • Oscar Winners 2015 & Aquaman Costume – SR Underground Ep. 184

    We discuss the 2015 Academy Award winners, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, as well as our current feelings on The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham.

    (25) by Ben Kendrick
  • 2015 Oscars Ceremony Ratings Lowest Since the 2009 Academy Awards

    Last night’s Oscar telecast scored the ceremony’s lowest ratings in six years. What was the cause for the severe drop-off?

    (41) by Chris Agar
  • Oscars 2015: Best & Worst Moments of The 87th Academy Awards

    If you missed the 2015 Oscars ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Herris, here the best (and most awkward) moments of the 87th Academy Awards.

    (17) by Rob Keyes
  • ‘Everything is Awesome': Lonely Island & Tegan and Sara’s Oscars 2015 Performance

    Watch (or re-watch) the live Oscars 2015 ceremony performance of Best Song-nominee ‘Everything is Awesome’, from ‘The LEGO Movie’.

    (8) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Oscars 2015: 5 Big Surprises and Upsets of the 87th Academy Awards

    We rundown five of the biggest surprises/upsets that took place during the 2015 Oscars ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

    (34) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 2015 Oscar Winners List – Were There Any Surprises?

    Check out the list of winners at the 87th Annual Academy Awards and find out what films won big during the 2015 Oscars ceremony.

    (110) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 2015 Awards Season Preview – SR Underground Ep. 179

    We discuss the new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer, the winners of the 2015 Golden Globes, and the nominees for the 2015 Razzies as well as Academy Awards.

    (17) by Ben Kendrick
  • 2015 Oscars Analysis: What Was Nominated & What Was Snubbed

    We take a closer look at the movies, actors, and filmmakers that were nominated for Academy Awards in 2015, as well as those that ended up being passed over.

    (49) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 50 Great Movies That Should’ve Gotten Best Picture Nominations

    The Oscars expanded the Best Picture category in 2009 – What films before that time would have benefited from that opportunity? We list some examples.

    (56) by Chris Agar
  • 2015 Oscar Nominations – Were There Any Surprises?

    The full list of nominees for the 87th Annual Academy Awards has been unveiled, with such acclaimed films as ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Birdman’ collecting multiple nods.

    (142) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Why Limited Release Movies Need More On Demand Availibility

    This year, a number of buzzed-about Oscar contenders are only available in limited theatrical release. What can Hollywood do to change that? On Demand viewing could be the solution.

    (14) by Chris Agar
  • Neil Patrick Harris to Host 2015 Oscars Ceremony

    The Academy has announced that the multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris will host the 2015 Oscars ceremony.

    (8) by Chris Agar
  • ‘House of Cards’ & 2014 Oscars Recap – SR Underground Ep. 133

    We recap the 2014 Oscar winners, review ‘House of Cards’ season 2, as well as discuss the ‘Godzilla’ trailer, ‘Star Wars’ casting rumors, and the status of ‘Ghostbusters 3.’

    (37) by Ben Kendrick
  • Oscars 2014: The Best Moments

    The 2014 Academy Awards was light on surprises, but the show was not without its fair share of great moments. Here are some of our Oscars favorites.

    (33) by Anthony Taormina
  • 2014 Oscar Winners List – Were There Any Surprises?

    Check out all the winners of the 86th Academy Awards. Were there any major surprises or upsets this year?

    (94) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Oscar 2014 Best Picture Nominees: Which Movie WILL Win and Which SHOULD Win

    We examine the 2014 Best Picture Oscar nominees, determining which films may walk away with prizes (including, the big trophy for the night).

    (33) by Sandy Schaefer