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  • 12 Times Netflix Revived Your Favorite Show

    Netflix is changing how television is watched and produced – and it decided to give these shows a second chance.

    by Margaret Maurer
  • Netflix Raising Prices in the U.S. & UK Starting This Spring

    Starting in May, Netflix is going to be hiking the price for its two-stream HD service in the U.S. and UK.

    (42) by Catrina Dennis
  • Netflix: 10 New Additions You Should Watch This April

    Spring is here, and that means it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. Just kidding. Here are a few new (and new-to-Netflix) shows you can watch this spring!

    (15) by Jake Black
  • 10 Movies and TV Shows Leaving Netflix This April

    Tired of turning on Netflix to see the movie you were just about to watch is gone? Here’s what’s taking leave of the service in April…

    (7) by Jake Black
  • 15 Old TV Series That Netflix Should Bring Back

    Netflix excels at reviving old TV series as seen with Longmire and Fuller House. Here are 15 classics the streaming giant may want to target next.

    (6) by Aric Mitchell
  • 13 DC Characters Who Need A Netflix Series

    Marvel is racking up hits with their Netflix series, like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but DC has plenty of characters who need the the Netflix touch.

    (7) by Leo Johnson
  • Netflix May Buy Will Smith & David Ayer’s Fantasy Cop Film Bright

    Netflix is in negotiations for fantasy-drama Bright with David Ayer (Suicide Squad) attached to direct and Will Smith and Joel Edgerton to star.

    (5) by Araceli Roach
  • Netflix: 10 New Additions You Need to Watch This March

    Cancel all your plans. Netflix has gone crazy this month and released everything great. Here’s 10 New Netflix Additions You Need to Watch This March

    (21) by Jake Black
  • 11 Best Cult Classics To Stream On Netflix

    Got a movie you really, really love, that no one else knows about? Hate to burst your bubble, but here’s our list of the best cult flicks on Netflix.

    by Matt DiGiulio
  • 12 Best Movies to Netflix and Chill With

    Here’s your guide to #netflixandchill for this Valentine’s Day weekend, just in case you’re not watching Deadpool with your bros.

    (9) by Fred Blunden
  • 12 TV Series That Need A Netflix Revival

    Sometimes our lives are empty after our favorite shows go off the air. But TV revivals exist now! Here’s 12 TV Series That Need A Netflix Revival!

    (14) by Jake Black
  • Netflix: 10 New Additions You Need to Watch This February

    February is a month for love. Or hibernating inside with your secret love; Netflix. Here’s 10 New Additions to Netflix You Should Watch This February.

    (6) by Jake Black
  • Netflix Head Says NBC Ratings Estimates Are ‘Remarkably Inaccurate’

    Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos speaks out against NBC’s estimates of the viewership numbers for Netflix’s original series.

    (18) by Rudie Obias
  • Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Working on New Netflix Animated Series

    Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening is in talks with Netflix to create a new animated series for the streaming service.

    (14) by Jeremy Clymer
  • Netflix Aims to Get Strict on Region Restrictions

    Netflix is cracking down on proxy users who fake their location to get access to region restricted content.

    (25) by George Simpson
  • Netflix TV Shows Estimated Viewership Numbers Released by NBC

    NBC has released an estimation for how many people are watching popular TV shows (such as Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Master of None) on Netflix.

    (42) by Rudie Obias
  • Netflix Is Now Available Worldwide In 190 Countries

    Starting today, Netflix’s streaming service became available in an additional 130 countries, making the service available virtually worldwide.

    (25) by Sarah Moran
  • Netflix to Double its Number of Original Shows in 2016

    The streaming giant Netflix is planning to bring viewers much more in the way of binge watching options in 2016.

    (18) by Matthew MacNabb
  • 15 Great British TV Series Available to Stream on Netflix

    From gritty crime dramas to banter-filled comedies, you can watch all of these popular British shows on Netflix!

    (38) by Margaret Maurer
  • 10 Times Bill Murray Made Us Fall In Love With Him

    Before this week’s A Very Murray Christmas, let’s celebrate all the times Bill Murray has showed up in people’s lives like a sardonic, sad-eyed Santa.

    (1) by Danijel Striga