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  • 25 Worst Movies in Film History

    For every award-contender, there’s a terrible movie to maintain balance in Hollywood. Here are our picks for the worst movies in film history.

    (154) by Ben Kendrick
  • 10 Movies So Bad They Should Have Never Been Made

    We reveal 10 movies that are so atrocious that someone should have been fired for even suggesting that they should have been made.

    (59) by Colleen Skells
  • 2014 Razzie Nominations: ‘Grown-Ups 2′, ‘After Earth’ & ‘Movie 43′

    The usual suspects are nominees for the 34th Annual Razzie Awards, including Adam Sandler, M. Night Shyamalan and Tyler Perry.

    (102) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 2013 Movies: The 10 Riskiest Box Office Bets (Revisited)

    We look back at the 10 films that we thought were the riskiest box office bets in 2013. Who failed and who succeeded? Find out HERE!

    (88) by Paul Young
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: Jan 27 2013

    Here’s our box office report for the weekend of January 27th, 2013 – featuring ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,’ ‘Parker,’ and ‘Movie 43.’

    (7) by Anthony Taormina
  • ‘Movie 43′ Review

    This movie could never hope to achieve anything above the very low bar it sets for itself – but it certainly comes pretty close to maintaining that low standard throughout.

    (53) by Kofi Outlaw
  • 2013 Movies: The 10 Riskiest Box Office Bets

    We take a look at 10 films being released in 2013 that we think have the biggest hills to climb to become both financial and critical successes.

    (77) by Paul Young
  • 10 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: January 2013

    It’s a new year and that means a full crop of new releases are ahead of us. Find out which films we’re looking forward to in our January 2013 movie preview.

    (32) by Anthony Taormina
  • ‘Movie 43′ Trailer & Image Keep It Clean But Still Hilarious

    The ‘Movie 43′ green-band trailer – as well as a new image featuring Gerard Butler’s leprechaun character – continue to make the film look like an intriguing comedy experiment.

    (15) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • ‘Movie 43′ Red-Band Trailer: Bunch of Movie Stars Having Raunchy Fun

    In the red-band trailer for ‘Movie 43′, famous actors and directors unite for a twisted comedic collaboration that will shock, delight, and likely offend.

    (37) by Kofi Outlaw