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  • Deadpool Director Tim Miller Met With DC For a Lobo Movie

    Before directing Deadpool, director Tim Miller says he met with DC about helming a movie starring Lobo.

    (26) by Catrina Dennis
  • Lobo Movie Hires Wonder Woman Screenwriter

    Warner Bros. has hired Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs to pen a new draft of the studio’s planned Lobo feature film.

    (49) by Kevin Yeoman
  • 10 Real Marvel & DC Character Mashups That Would Be Crazy in Movies

    Mashed up Marvel and DC comic character hybrids were real two decades ago – thanks to Amalgam publishing. These are the characters we’d like to see in a live-action movie.

    (43) by Paul Young
  • Former ‘Lobo’ Movie Director Explains Why Film Stalled

    Director Brad Peyton talks about DC’s stalled ‘Lobo’ film and the importance of providing a cinematic foundation for their icons.

    (26) by Jeff Carter
  • Dwayne Johnson Hints at Potential DC Movie Character Role

    Dwayne Johnson has offered some hints about the DC movie role he’s been in talks for; we consider what character The Rock is referring to.

    (120) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Talks; Joining ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ends 2013 by confirming talks with DC/Warner Bros. for an upcoming role. But who will he be playing?

    (225) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Dwayne Johnson Says ‘Lobo’ Movie is Dead; Talks ‘Hercules’

    Dwayne Johnson confirms that Warner Bros.’ ‘Lobo’ movie is in limbo, while talking up Bret Ratner’s upcoming Hercules movie.

    (23) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Why Lobo Could be an Important Addition to the ‘Justice League’ Movie

    Rumors are circulating that the ‘Justice League’ movie could feature iconic DC anti-hero, Lobo. Would the Main Man be a good addition to the film? We discuss, you decide.

    (98) by Ben Kendrick
  • Dwayne Johnson Confirms He is in Talks for ‘Lobo’

    Following much speculation, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson confirms that he is attached to star as DC Comics’ Lobo.

    (78) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • 5 Tips For Building the DC Movie Universe

    As Marvel enjoys ‘Avengers’ success, we suggest five things that Warner Bros. could do to effectively build a shared DC superhero movie universe – including the ‘Justice League’ movie.

    (286) by Kofi Outlaw
  • ‘Journey 2′ Director to Write & Direct DC Comics’ ‘Lobo’ Movie

    Warner Bros. has set Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) to both rewrite and direct a live-action film adaptation of the ‘Lobo’ DC comic book series.

    (81) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Green Hornet’ & ‘Lobo’ Movies In Trouble

    Word is that Sony executives are not pleased with the Green Hornet film, while Warner Bros. may have put the Lobo movie on indefinite hold.

    (21) by Sandy Schaefer
  • DC Entertainment Names Its Top Execs

    DC Entertainment has appointed some new top executives, and a couple of them are names that every comic book fan knows: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns

    (11) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Guy Ritchie Ditches ‘Lobo’ For Sherlock Holmes 2

    Last September it was reported that Guy Ritchie was going to be at the helm for the upcoming comic book adaptation, Lobo. However, that appeared…

    (7) by Ross Miller
  • Guy Ritchie Not Yet a Lock for Lobo?

    MTV has posted an exclusive where  Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie discusses the upcoming adaptation of DC Comics’ Lobo. Early this Fall, it was reported…

    (6) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Lobo Screen Test Filmed

    In a recent interview with Collider, super-producer Joel Silver (The Matrix) let it be known that a screen test has been filmed for Guy Ritchie’s…

    (5) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Lobo To Be Played By Clancy Brown?

    We put an empty can with a string attached to our ears and heard whisper that Clancy Brown, the man who played the formidable…

    (18) by Scott Miller
  • ‘Lobo’ & ‘Judge Dredd’ Won’t Rely on Comic Book Guys

    What are the chances that this is good news? /Film relayed to us that comic book writer  Alan Grant mentioned at the MCM Expo (the…

    (7) by Scott Miller
  • Producer Talks ‘Lobo,’ ‘Jonah Hex,’ ‘Swamp Thing’ and More

    Akiva Goldsman, the screenwriter/producer who has brought us such gems as Batman & Robin, Lost in Space, The Da Vinci Code, Hancock and I am…

    (5) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Lobo Role

    We here at Screen Rant have really started something with these speculation pieces about our favorite comic book movies… After imaging such things as what…

    (13) by Kofi Outlaw