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  • Die Hard 6 In Development: A Prequel That Can Include Bruce Willis

    Live Free Or Die Hard director Len Wiseman is developing Die Hard 6 as a prequel that could include Bruce Willis as old John McClane.

    (41) by Rob Keyes
  • 10 Great Movies That Never Needed a Sequel

    Not every good movie has what it takes to become a quality movie franchise. Check out our list of 10 great movies that had unnecessary (or downright bad) sequels.

    (95) by Ben Kendrick
  • ‘Die Hard 6′ Writer Reveals Story Ties to Original Film & Returning Characters

    ‘Die Hard 6′ writer Ben Trebilcook drops interesting new details on his script, including how it ties to the original ‘Die Hard,’ some returning character we’ll see – and more!

    (119) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Die Hard: John McClane’s 10 Best Allies

    Before teaming up with his son for ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, John McClane earned a few unlikely partners in his years of ‘Die Hard’ experiences.

    (20) by Rob Keyes
  • Bruce Willis Says Die Hard 5 Could Start Next Year

    Bruce Willis revealed that they’ll likely be making Die Hard 5 sometime next year and that he’d like Len Wiseman come back to direct.

    (24) by Rob Keyes
  • Willis Ready For A Fifth ‘Die Hard’ – Are You?

    Bruce Willis says another Die Hard movie needs to happen sooner than later considering his age – Do you think they should make Die Hard 5?

    (95) by Anthony Ocasio
  • The Top 10 Inevitable Movie Reboots

    Movie reboots: What worked, what didn’t, and a look at what might be coming soon

    (67) by Vic Holtreman
  • Review: Live Free Or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4.0)

    A fun, (almost) gritty & wild ride with Bruce Willis easily slipping back into his trademark role.

    (9) by Vic Holtreman
  • Much Better Die Hard 4.0 Trailer

    (2) by Vic Holtreman