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  • Fox Cancels ‘Lie To Me,’ ‘Human Target,’ ‘Breaking In’ & More

    In a move to trim all of the excess fat from the network, Fox has canceled fan-favorites ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Human Target’ as well as newcomers ‘Traffic Light,’ ‘Breaking In,’ and ‘The Chicago Code.’

    (118) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Fox President Talks ‘Fringe,’ ‘Lie To Me’ & ‘Human Target’ Renewals

    Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly reveals the likelihood of ‘Fringe,’ ‘Human Target’ and ‘Lie To Me’ being renewed. Spoilers: One sounds for sure, the other two… not so much.

    (166) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Should FOX Move ‘Lie To Me’ to Fridays Alongside ‘Fringe’?

    FOX pay attention: we’re pitching a few ideas that could help ‘Fringe’ and ‘Lie To Me’ earn stronger ratings in their fourth seasons…should they get the chance.

    (24) by Kofi Outlaw
  • ‘Lie To Me’ Season 3 Ends On A High Note

    ‘Lie To Me’s’ season 3 finale “Killer App” garnered high ratings with a wonderful storyline that highlighted co-star Kelli Williams’ character Dr. Gillian Foster. Is season 4 still a possibility?

    (140) by Anthony Ocasio
  • 2011 People’s Choice Awards Winners

    Check out the full list of winners at the 2011 ‘People’s Choice Awards’ – Some of them may surprise you.

    (7) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Fox Cuts 9 Episodes from ‘Lie to Me’ Season 3; Show Not Canceled (Yet)

    Fox has decided not to pick up the ‘back-nine’ episodes of ‘Lie to Me’ – in order to make room for the incoming police show ‘The Chicago Code’. Will the network cancel ‘Lie to Me’ in the spring?

    (256) by Rob Frappier
  • Lie To Me: Summer Return Review & Discussion

    Fox kicks it up a notch with the return of Lie to Me. Does the long-awaited return of Dr. Lightman stand up to the hype?

    (18) by Anthony Ocasio
  • FOX Picks Up Shawn Ryan’s ‘Ridealong’

    It has been a little over a year since Shawn Ryan’s hit cop drama The Shield ended, but it would appear that Ryan just can’t…

    (4) by Anthony Ocasio
  • No More Free Hulu?

    Oh Internet, say it ain’t so! Hulu – my utopia of free TV online – may soon become another run-of-the-buck paid subscription site (see header…

    (58) by Kofi Outlaw
  • An Expert Takes On ‘Lie to Me’

    Ever since FOX premiered Lie to Me last season, I’ve been intrigued by Tim Roth’s character, Dr. Cal Lightman. In the show, his talent is…

    (7) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Fall 2009 TV: Premiering Tonight – Sept. 28

    While last week gave us the majority of new and returning shows, don’t forget about some solid shows that have yet to air. Trauma and…

    (11) by Anthony Ocasio
  • TV News & Notes: Dollhouse, Lie To Me & More

    We here at Screen Rant have so much TV news that we need to break it up into a few articles this week. With that…

    (26) by Bruce Simmons
  • Weekly TV Wrap Up – July 9th, 2009

    Today’s Weekly TV Wrap Up covers information about ABC on Hulu, a new developing tidbit on Smallville, NCIS casting bits, CSI Miami does time travel…

    (7) by Bruce Simmons
  • Weekly TV Wrap Up – June 25, 2009

    Welcome to my weekly TV Wrap Up. This week we’re chatting about the NCIS cast, Chuck season 3 insights, a bit of Fringe cast news…

    (19) by Bruce Simmons
  • Weekly TV Wrap Up – June 18, 2009

    Welcome to Thursday’s Weekly TV Wrap Up. Today we have a chunk of news to chat about. I want to touch a bit on the…

    (8) by Bruce Simmons