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  • 10 Fairy Tale Movies Too Scary For Kids

    Some fairy tales are just too dark and twisted to show to children.

    by Amy Richau
  • ‘Labyrinth’ Sequel Being Planned by The Jim Henson Company? [Updated]

    The Jim Henson Company is reportedly developing a sequel to the 1986 fantasy adventure film, ‘Labyrinth’.

    (267) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • ‘Labyrinth’ Miniseries Builds an Intriguing Mystery Surrounding the Holy Grail

    The search for the Holy Grail takes two women separated by over 800 years on a dangerous journey in the CW miniseries event, ‘Labyrinth.’

    (4) by David Griffin
  • Disney Acquires Action-Adventure ‘Labyrinth'; Not a Remake of the 1986 Classic

    Disney has acquired the rights to ‘Labyrinth,’ the story of a princess tasked with saving her father from a dangerous maze – not a remake of the 1986 cult classic.

    (7) by H. Shaw-Williams