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  • ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’ Review

    The film isn’t laugh-out-loud funny, or nearly as deep as the ideals that fuel Jeff’s character, but most of the characters and their various interactions make the journey worthy of a watch.

    (4) by Ben Kendrick
  • 10 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: March 2012

    After a busy month at the box office, March is also set to attract plenty of moviegoers with some major releases including ‘John Carter,’ ‘Silent House,’ ’21 Jump Street,’ ‘The Hunger Games,’ and ‘Wrath of the Titans.”

    (50) by John Hanlon
  • ‘Jeff Who Lives at Home’ Trailer: Segel & Helms Handle Family Matters

    In the trailer for ‘Jeff Who Lives at Home’, Jason Segel and Ed Helms try to get their lives and some unsettled family business in order, and trouble of course ensues.

    (3) by Kofi Outlaw