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  • Jimmy Fallon Replacing Leno on ‘Tonight Show’ in 2014 – Will Jay Return (Again)?

    Jimmy Fallon will officially replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show in 2014. But is Leno gone for good?

    (22) by Anthony Ocasio
  • TV Success Rate: 65% Of New Shows Will Be Canceled (& Why It Matters)

    Looking at the success rate of new series over the past three years, 65% of all freshman programming on broadcast television is canceled within the first year. How will you be investing your time next season?

    (35) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Paul Reiser Speaks Out About NBC on ‘The Tonight Show’

    While on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, comedian Paul Reiser addressed the recent cancellation of his sitcom ‘The Paul Reiser Show’ after just two episodes.

    (9) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Jay Leno Reclaims Conan O’Brien’s Lock on Young Viewers

    For the first time since returning to the Tonight Show, Jay Leno is working his ratings mojo once again – and reclaiming the young audience Conan O’Brien once attracted.

    (11) by Michael Essany
  • Eubanks Sets Date To Exit ‘Tonight Show’

    Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks is leaving his high-paying gig of fifteen years. Is he bound for greater things, or making a terrible mistake?

    (3) by Anthony Ocasio
  • The Superbowl Ads That Scored With Viewers

    There are certain trends in TV that I always look forward to: people complaining that the Oscars sucked; people mocking (but still watching) MTV award…

    (12) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Leno vs. Conan: It’s Officially Over

    After two weeks, it’s finally over. The last proverbial nail has been put in the coffin of everyone’s favorite ginger-haired talk show host, as NBC…

    (14) by Anthony Ocasio
  • SR Pick (Video): Kimmel Blasts Leno & Conan Sells The Tonight Show

    Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel hosted his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, costumed as Jay Leno. He donned some Leno makeup (big chin, skunk hair) and…

    (19) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Conan Says “No Way” to Tonight Show Time Change

    Last week, we reported that NBC was considering royally screwing up changing their late night programming schedule by returning Jay Leno to his old spot…

    (30) by Rob Frappier
  • NBC Tells Conan To Move Over For Leno

    For the past 24-hours I have been reading so many different stories relating to The Jay Leno Show and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien…

    (28) by Anthony Ocasio
  • How’s the Jay Leno Show Faring These Days?

    Despite all the hoopla and what appeared to be NBC directives of enforced support for The Jay Leno Show, and pulling scripted dramas en masse,…

    (26) by Bruce Simmons
  • Jay Leno: First Week Ratings

    I thought I’d give our faithful Screen Rant readers the run down on the ratings for the first week of the Jay Leno show…  despite…

    (22) by Bruce Simmons
  • TV News & Notes: Medium, Jay Leno & More

    Today we have some news and more for the show Medium and the big late night talk shows. We’ll talk about Medium’s new network and…

    (13) by Bruce Simmons