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    Not all horror movies are scary – check out 11 that are so ridiculous your stomach will hurt from laughing.

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  • 10 Great Movies That Never Needed a Sequel

    Not every good movie has what it takes to become a quality movie franchise. Check out our list of 10 great movies that had unnecessary (or downright bad) sequels.

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  • 10 Ways to Avoid Being Killed by a Horror Movie Monster

    If you ever encounter a horror movie monster, just follow our ten simple rules to avoid meeting an untimely death at its hands/claws/teeth.

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  • 12 Major ‘Jaws’ References In Other Movies

    With ‘Jaws’ being released on Blu-ray, we came up with a list of 12 movies that have – directly or indirectly – referenced the 1975 Steven Spielberg classic.

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  • SR Geek Picks: ‘Batman & Robin’ Apology, ‘Donkey Kong’ Shelves, Shark Attack Movies & More

    Shark attack movies celebrate shark week; awesome Bane dust art on a dirty truck; Joel Schumacher’s personal apology for making ‘Batman & Robin,’ and more.

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  • Movie Moments That Scared Us Forever

    In honor of Halloween, the Screen Rant staff open up about some scary movie moments that have left an indelible mark of fear on our minds. Check out the movie moments that terrified us.

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  • SR Pick: Cool Retro Movie Posters from Brandon Schaefer

    Check out these cool collection of retro-style posters from graphic designer Brandon Schaefer.

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  • A Jaws 3D Remake – No, We’re Not Kidding (Well… Maybe)

    Just when you thought it was safe to go into the theater… Universal Pictures has apparently given up on trying to make original motion pictures…

    (60) by Paul Young