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  • ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ – SR Underground Ep. 81

    We review Bryan Singer’s big budget fairy tale adventure ‘Jack the Giant Slayer,’ give updates on ‘Prometheus 2′ and the ‘Hannibal’ TV series, as well as discuss sexism in geek culture.

    (53) by Ben Kendrick
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: March 3 2013

    Here’s our box office report for the weekend of March 3rd, 2013 – featuring new releases ‘Jack the Giant Slayer,’ ’21 and Over,’ & ‘The Last Exorcism Part 2.’

    (23) by Anthony Taormina
  • ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Review

    Jack the Giant Slayer is an entertaining tale that successfully balances the straightforward but imaginative storytelling of its source material with big-screen action and CGI effects.

    (41) by Ben Kendrick
  • 9 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: March 2013

    March 2013 features a do-over for ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation,’ two movies for fantasy fans, and a comedy about rival magicians. Check out our March movie preview.

    (36) by Anthony Taormina
  • ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Gets a New ‘Slayer’ Title and Release Date

    Warner Bros. has retitled Bryan Singer’s ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ and bumped it up to take the date previously occupied by Neil Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’.

    (4) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Delayed Until Spring 2013

    Bryan Singer’s fairy tale flick, ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, has been pushed back from Summer 2012 to Spring 2013, affecting the release dates for both ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Arthur & Lancelot’.

    (12) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012

    We propose 5 big movie geek questions that will be answered and addressed by the movies of 2012.

    (75) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Movie Image Roundup: ‘Spider-Man’ ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Battleship’, ‘Men in Black 3′ & More

    Our image gallery contains 17 new photos from 2012 movies like ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Battleship’, ‘Men in Black 3′, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, ‘Brave’ and more.

    (18) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

    With so many high profile films hitting theaters this year, what should you look forward to seeing in 2012? Read on to find out our 20 most anticipated movies of the year.

    (112) by Rob Keyes
  • ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Trailer: Action-Packed Twist On an Old Fairy Tale

    Jack (Nicholas Hoult) climbs a beanstalk and re-ignites an ancient war in the teaser trailer for ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, a fairy tale re-imagining directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men).

    (41) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ & ‘Rock of Ages’ Snag Release Dates

    New Line/Warner Bros. has set release dates for the fairy tale retelling ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ and the Broadway musical adaptation ‘Rock of Ages’.

    by Sandy Schaefer
  • Ian McShane Is King In ‘Jack the Giant Killer’

    Ian McShane (Pirates of the Caribbean 4) will play a king in ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, director Bryan Singer’s re-imagining of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

    by Sandy Schaefer
  • Eleanor Tomlinson To Romance ‘Jack the Giant Killer’

    Actress Eleanor Tomlinson has signed on as the female lead in ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, director Bryan Singer’s new version of the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

    (2) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Ewan McGregor in Negotiations to Join ‘Jack the Giant Killer’

    Weeks after adding Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class), Bill Nighy, and Stanley Tucci to the cast of Bryan Singer’s ‘Jack the Giant Killer,’ Ewan McGregor is also in talks to join the film.

    (2) by Ben Moore
  • Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci Join ‘Jack the Giant Killer’

    Bill Nighy and Stanley Tucci have joined the cast of Bryan Singer’s ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, a new take on the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fairytale.

    (4) by Ross Miller
  • Aaron Johnson, Nicholas Hoult & More Testing for ‘Jack the Giant Killer’

    Actors such as Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass), Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) and others are reportedly going to test for roles in Bryan Singer’s ‘Jack the Giant Killer’.

    by Ross Miller
  • Bryan Singer’s ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Officially Underway

    Bryan Singer’s next film, ‘Jack the Giant Killer’, has finally received its green light and word has it he’s eyeing Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) for the title role.

    (2) by Chris Schrader
  • ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Production Delayed Until 2011

    Filming has been delayed on Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer to allow more time for visual effects. What does Singer have up his sleeve?

    (4) by Ben Pearson
  • ‘Usual Suspects’ Scribe To Write Bryan Singer’s ‘Giant Killer’

    Bryan Singer is re-teaming with one of his “usual suspects,” screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, who is writing a new draft of Singer’s upcoming fantasy movie, Jack the Giant Killer.

    (3) by Ross Miller
  • No Need For X-Men Origins: Magneto

    Things are going according to plan for the future of the X-Men film universe… at least according to my thoughts on what we’d see from…

    (20) by Rob Keyes