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  • Iron Fist Adds Carrie-Anne Moss to Its Cast

    Marvel has announced that Jessica Jones’ Carrie-Anne Moss has joined the cast of its upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series.

    (8) by Michael Kennedy
  • Iron Fist Set Photos: Daniel Rand is Ready for a Fight

    Iron Fist star Finn Jones shows off his fighting stances as martial arts superhero Daniel Rand in a new batch of set photos.

    (34) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist: Set Photos Show Finn Jones as Danny Rand

    New set photos from the Netflix production of Marvel’s Iron Fist show star Finn Jones in character as Danny Rand.

    (35) by Catrina Dennis
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist Casts Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey as Joy & Ward Meachum

    Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey join Marvel’s Iron Fist as Joy and Ward Meachum, and they aren’t happy to see Danny Rand return.

    (11) by John Casteele
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist: David Wenham Cast as Harold Meachum

    Lord of the Rings and 300 star David Wenham joins the cast of Marvel’s Iron Fist as an interesting antagonist.

    (10) by Catrina Dennis
  • The Defenders: Charlie Cox Confirms 2016 Filming Start Date

    Charlie Cox is uncertain if Marvel’s Daredevil will get a season 3, but has announced that Netflix’s Defenders will begin filming this year.

    (25) by Andy L. Kubai
  • Iron Fist: Finn Jones Explains His Grueling Training Regimen

    Iron Fist star Finn Jones describes the grueling training regimen that is crafting him into a Marvel superhero.

    (53) by Catrina Dennis
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist Casts Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing

    Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Jessica Henwick has been cast as Colleen Wing in Marvel’s Iron Fist series.

    (44) by Bob Chipman
  • Jeremy Renner Would Be Interested In a Hawkeye Netflix Series

    During a panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con, Jeremy Renner said he would be open to a Hawkeye Netflix series.

    (65) by Adrienne Tyler
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist: Finn Jones Confirmed to Star

    Marvel has officially confirmed that Finn Jones will play Danny Rand on the Netflix Iron Fist series, while teasing another character on the show.

    (28) by Bob Chipman
  • Luke Cage Won’t Be ‘Locked Into’ Hell’s Kitchen

    Marvel’s Joe Quesada discussed whether or not the upcoming Luke Cage series will showcase a different part of New York.

    (13) by John Casteele
  • Rumor: Iron Fist TV Series Key Supporting Characters Revealed

    New rumors have surfaced about the supporting cast of Marvel/Netflix’s Iron Fist series, including potential allies and enemies from the comics.

    (18) by Agustin Guerrero
  • Rumor: Iron Fist to Debut on Luke Cage Season 1

    Rumor has it Marvel’s Iron Fist (Finn Jones) will appear alongside Mike Colter in Luke Cage season 1, before headlining his own Netflix show.

    (4) by Bob Chipman
  • Iron Fist May Setup Shang-Chi As Marvel’s Next Netflix Hero

    Marvel TV’s Iron Fist Netflix series may introduce another Avenger in Shang-Chi who, if popular, could get his own series too.

    (83) by Rob Keyes
  • Iron Fist Casting & R-Rated Batman V Superman – Total Geekall #3 & #4

    Total Geekall episodes 3 and 4: We discuss the Daredevil season 2 trailer and Iron Fist casting – then what to expect from R-Rated Batman V Superman.

    (15) by Ben Kendrick
  • Finn Jones Is Playing Marvel’s Iron Fist [UPDATED]

    Marvel TV has already cast Danny Rand for its upcoming Iron Fist series and rumors point to it being Finn Jones from Game of Thrones.

    (148) by Rob Keyes
  • 15 Things You Need To Know About Iron Fist

    We’ve seen Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage on the small screen, but what do you know about Iron Fist? The remaining link of the Defenders.

    (2) by Rose Moore
  • Luke Cage Actor Says Iron Fist Has Already Been Cast

    Speaking at the TCA Press Tour about his upcoming Luke Cage series on Netflix, star Mike Coulter talked about his future interactions with Iron Fist.

    (74) by Valerie David
  • Iron Fist Series Recruits Jessica Jones Writer Scott Reynolds

    Jessica Jones writer/producer Scott Reynolds is working on Marvel’s Iron Fist series, reuniting him with showrunner Scott Buck (Dexter).

    (4) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Is Netflix’s Slate of Marvel Shows Getting Too Crowded?

    With Marvel expanding their Defenders universe to include spinoffs and more seasons of currently existing shows, will that affect the release slate?

    (53) by Molly Freeman