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  • 30 Movies That Deserve A Sequel

    Hollywood makes a lot of bad sequels but here are 30 fan-favorite films that actually deserve a follow-up!

    (142) by Rob Keyes
  • 5 Alternate Movie Endings Audiences Never Saw

    An ending can make or break a movie, which is why studios create more than one. Here are 6 original endings that completely change popular films.

    (25) by Chris Agar
  • 10 Scariest Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

    With Fear the Walking Dead on the bleak horizon, we’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not we’d really want to survive the apocalypse.

    (9) by Adam Pockross
  • The 15 Worst Special Effects in Blockbuster Movies

    Sometimes effects just aren’t very special – discover the most epic FX fails from movies that had a large enough budget to do better

    (54) by Colleen Skells
  • The 10 Best Movie Taglines

    Our list of the best movie taglines proves that marketing can be just as important as the film itself – and may even be more memorable.

    (122) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Decisions That Ruined Movies

    Sometimes, an entire film can be derailed by a single idea that made sense at the time. Here’s our list of decisions that ruined movies.

    (182) by Chris Agar
  • 5 Sci-Fi Movie Premises Debunked by Real Science

    We take a look at 5 science fiction movies that force us to suspend disbelief in actual science fact.

    (92) by Chris Agar
  • 10 Good Movies Ruined By Bad Endings

    Not every great film can end on a high note, so we’ve made a list of movies that could have been so much more – with a different ending.

    (1,299) by Andrew Dyce
  • ‘I Am Legend’ Reboot in the Works

    A reboot of ‘I Am Legend’ – without Will Smith’s involvement – is in development from Warner Bros.

    (81) by Ben Moore
  • ‘I Am Legend 2′ Isn’t Happening; Co-writer Talks Abandoned Ideas

    ‘I Am Legend’ co-writer Akiva Goldsman reveals how the now-defunct sequel would’ve brought Will Smith back.

    (48) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Our Apocalypse Survival Movie Dream Team

    The apocalypse has taken center stage in films around the world. If it strikes us, here are the movie heroes we’d want at our side.

    (41) by Andrew Dyce
  • Richard Matheson Passes Away at Age 87

    Legendary American sci-fi, fantasy and horror novelist and screenwriter Richard Matheson has passed away at the age of 87.

    (12) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Will Smith ‘Probably’ Won’t Appear in ‘I Am Legend 2’

    ‘Men in Black 3′ star Will Smith says he doesn’t want to be ‘the sequel guy’ and that he probably won’t appear in ‘I Am Legend 2.’

    (46) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • 5 Movie Roles Will Smith Needs to Play

    Will Smith is probably the world’s biggest star, and we have five roles that Big Will NEEDS to play in order to catapult his career to the next level.

    (173) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Back to the Future: Hollywood’s Fascination with Prequels

    As the ‘Alien’ prequel ‘Prometheus’ nears its release date, Screen Rant takes a look at Hollywood’s fascination with making prequels to successful films.

    (29) by Niall Browne
  • ‘I Am Legend 2′ with Will Smith is Officially Moving Forward

    Warner Bros. has officially closed a deal to begin development on a new ‘I Am Legend’ movie which may star Will Smith – but, inexplicably, may not be a prequel.

    (227) by Sandy Schaefer
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Breakdown: December 6, 2011

    There are 10 items in this week’s DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown – which ones are worth owning, which are worth renting and which are worth skipping? Check out our guide to find out.

    (6) by Paul Young
  • Best & Worst Christmas Movie Releases of the Past 10 Years

    With another holiday movie season upon us, we take a look at the best and worst films released during the Christmas movie season over the last ten years.

    (75) by Paul Young
  • Is ‘I Am Legend 2′ A Sequel Or A Prequel?

    Hmmmm…Didn’t the end of the theatrical version of I Am Legend result in Will Smith being blown to hell by his own grenade? Oh…. uhh……

    (32) by Rob Keyes
  • I Am (Not Yet) Legend?

    Hollywood loves a franchise. We get it! But that does not mean that you make a sequel/prequel to every film – even films that don’t…

    (20) by Niall Browne