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  • The Riskiest Box Office Bets of 2015 – Revisited

    We take a look back at our Riskiest Box Office Bets of 2015 to see how they performed.

    (39) by Paul Young
  • 20 Movies So Bad You Forgot They Released in 2015

    There are hundreds of movies released in theaters each year and these were so bad you probably forgot they opened in 2015.

    (91) by Paul Young
  • ‘Hitman: Agent 47′ Featurette Highlights Hero as Icon

    A new ‘Hitman: Agent 47′ featurette examines the ‘iconic’ status of the ’47’ character (played by Rupert Friend).

    (4) by Sean K. Cureton
  • ‘Hitman: Agent 47′ TV Spot: You Won’t Know What Hit You

    20th Century Fox has released a new TV Spot for the upcoming movie ‘Hitman: Agent 7′ starring Rupert Friend and Zachary Quinto.

    (11) by Agustin Guerrero
  • The Riskiest Box Office Bets of 2015

    There are several big-budget films releasing in 2015 – these are the ones we think could have the hardest time delivering at the box office.

    (229) by Paul Young
  • ‘Hitman: Agent 47′: Zachary Quinto Promises a High Stakes Video Game Movie

    Zachary Quinto discusses ‘Hitman: Agent 47′ – promising that the franchise reboot will be more dynamic and have higher stakes than its 2007 predecessor.

    (3) by Ben Kendrick
  • Comic-Con 2014: Fox Is Bringing ‘Agent 47,’ ‘Secret Service’ & More to Hall H

    Dreamworks Animation and Fox have unveiled their upcoming SDCC movie panels, which include ‘The Penguins of Madagascar,’ ‘Agent 47,’ ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service,’ and more.

    (3) by Ben Moore
  • ‘Agent 47′ Casts Thomas Kretschmann as Second Villain

    Thomas Kretschmann (The Avengers: Age of Ultron) will play a second villain in ‘Agent 47,’ based on the popular video game ‘Hitman’.

    (3) by Casey Cipriani
  • 1001 Ridiculous (but Possible) Upcoming Video Game Movies

    Hollywood has a hard time making great video game movies & we know why: They’re picking the wrong games. Here are our suggestions for some ridiculous game to movie prospects.

    (93) by Paul Young
  • Director Chosen For Hitman 2?

    Fox has narrowed down their choices for who will direct Hitman 2, but will Timothy Olyphant return after the first movie was critically demolished?

    (7) by Rob Keyes