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  • 30 Movies That Deserve A Sequel

    Hollywood makes a lot of bad sequels but here are 30 fan-favorite films that actually deserve a follow-up!

    (142) by Rob Keyes
  • 5 Movie Roles Will Smith Needs to Play

    Will Smith is probably the world’s biggest star, and we have five roles that Big Will NEEDS to play in order to catapult his career to the next level.

    (174) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Peter Berg Thinks ‘Hancock 2′ Will Happen; Will Smith Still Interested

    ‘Battleship’ director Peter Berg hints that, even four years later, Will Smith and the ‘Hancock’ producers are still interested in ‘Hancock 2.’ It’s just a matter of getting everyone in the same room.

    (43) by Ben Kendrick
  • No ‘Hancock 2′ Anytime Soon

    There’s been much talk about a sequel to the 2008 surprise superhero hit, Hancock, with conversation picking up particularly when it comes to the cast…

    (20) by Ross Miller
  • Bateman Pumps the Brakes on Hancock 2 Casting Rumors

    A couple of weeks ago news came out, by way of Hancock director Peter Berg, that the full cast was returning for the recently announced,…

    (5) by Ross Miller
  • Will Smith and Charlize Theron Confirmed for Hancock 2

    In the summer of 2008 Will Smith showed off his ability to go days without shaving, act like a jerk and stop trains with his…

    (74) by Paul Young
  • Hancock 2 Gets 2 Writers

    It was only last week that we reported on director Peter Berg talking about a possible plot for Hancock 2, and yet today The Hollywood…

    (14) by Ross Miller
  • Peter Berg Talks Hancock Sequel

    We first heard rumblings last year of a sequel to the Will Smith non-comic book superhero film, Hancock. At first it was just word that…

    (18) by Ross Miller
  • Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: September 28, 2008

    It’s a sad Sunday for the Weekend Movie News Wrap Up, with the passing of Hollywood Legend Paul Newman. However, the beauty with Hollywood is…

    (10) by Niall Browne