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  • 13 Marvel vs. DC Superhero Fights We’d Love to See

    With iconic heroes and villains at both Marvel and DC, we list 13 superhero fights we want to see – that have never been captured on the comic page.

    (102) by Gregg Katzman
  • ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Will Have ‘Lighter’ Tone; Season 3 Behind-the-Scenes Videos & Poster

    ‘Arrow’ showrunner Marc Guggenheim teases a lighter approach for season 4, possibly involving Oliver Queen becoming Green Arrow.

    (85) by Sean Reed
  • Stephen Amell Says He’s Done Wearing the ‘Arrow’ Suit

    ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell says he’s worn the Arrow suit for the last time. Will we see him reemerge as Green Arrow next season?

    (180) by Sarah Moran
  • ‘Flash vs. Arrow’ Trailer: Who Would Win?

    The first promo for the CW’s crossover event ‘The Flash vs. Arrow’ has arrived, focusing on the two superheroes’ diverging styles and eventual showdown.

    (46) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Won’t Revisit Superpowers; Ra’s al Ghul to Be More ‘Comic-Book-y’

    The producers of ‘Arrow’ say that season 3 won’t revisit superpowers and that Ra’s al Ghul will be more ‘comic-book-y’ than he was in ‘Batman Begins.’

    (19) by Ben Moore
  • ‘Arrow’/’Flash’ Crossover Images: The Arrow & The Flash Duke It Out

    Images from the set of the ‘Arrow’/’Flash’ crossover indicate that there will be fisticuffs between the two superheroes.

    (23) by Ben Moore
  • ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Trailer Swaps the Bow for a Gun

    In the latest ‘Arrow’ trailer, Oliver Queen chases some explosives, arranges a date and temporarily switches to using a gun.

    (24) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Premiere Images: The Calm Before the Storm

    A batch of new images from ‘Arrow’ season 3 have been released ahead of the premiere, one of which features Roy Harper in his Arsenal attire.

    (38) by Ben Moore
  • Full ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Trailer Features Ra’s al Ghul

    The full trailer for ‘Arrow’ season 3 has been released, and it features one of Batman’s greatest villains: Ra’s al Ghul.

    (42) by Ben Moore
  • Geoff Johns: DC Movie & TV Universes Will Be ‘Separate’

    DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has stated ‘definitively’ that the newly established DC Movie Universe will NOT crossover with TV shows such as ‘Arrow.’

    (138) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Arrow’ Stunt Coordinator Talks Season 2 Fights & What to Expect from Season 3

    ‘Arrow’ stunt coordinator JJ Makaro talks about season 2’s climatic fight scene and what he wants to do in season 3.

    (4) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Arrow’ Producer Talks Season 3 & ‘The Flash’ Tie-In Episodes

    ‘Arrow’ producer Andrew Kreisberg talks about plans for season 3 and the possibility of tie-in episodes with the spinoff series ‘The Flash.’

    (33) by Araceli Roach
  • ‘Arrow’ Set Photos Reveal New Villain & Plot Details [SPOILERS]

    New photos from the set of ‘Arrow’ reveal a new villain and hint at an interesting twist on a previously established character.

    (29) by Sarah Moran
  • Epic 3-Minute ‘Arrow’ Trailer Features Suicide Squad, Deathstroke & the Birds of Prey

    A trailer for the upcoming episodes of ‘Arrow’ has been released, featuring the Suicide Squad, Deathstroke, and a possible Birds of Prey team-up.

    (142) by Sarah Moran
  • ‘Arrow’ Preview & Clip: Timing is Everything with The Clock King

    A Producer’s Review and clip from the upcoming ‘Arrow’ episode ‘Time of Death’ introduces the villainous Clock King.

    (10) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Arrow’ Behind the Scenes Video: ‘The Biggest Fight Scene in the History of TV’

    ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell and stunt choreographer James ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford take viewers behind the scenes of an upcoming fight scene.

    (27) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Arrow': Black Canary vs. The Mayor Fight Choreography Featurette

    A fight choreography featurette for ‘Arrow’ goes behind the scenes of Oliver and Black Canary’s battle with the Mayor.

    (2) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • ‘Arrow’ Midseason Premiere Trailer; ‘Firefly’ Star to Appear as Shrapnel

    The trailer for the midseason premiere of ‘Arrow’ has been released, which will feature ‘Firefly’ co-star Sean Maher as supervillain Shrapnel.

    (11) by Jason Tabrys
  • ‘Arrow’ Writers on the Midseason Finale & ‘The Flash’

    ‘Arrow’ came to a shocking conclusion in the midseason finale this week, so find out what’s next to come on the show – and in the upcoming ‘Flash’ spinoff.

    (41) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • ‘Arrow’ Season 2 Villain Roster to Include Clock King

    Fans of ‘Arrow’ beware, as infamous villain Clock King is arriving later this season and bringing his dreaded punctuality with him.

    (22) by H. Shaw-Williams