Latest 'Grace of Monaco' News

  • ‘Grace of Monaco’ UK Trailer: The Dream Becomes a Nightmare

    Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly in ‘Grace of Monaco’, the upcoming prestige biopic; watch the latest trailer and see what you think.

    (1) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Foxcatcher’ & ‘Grace of Monaco’ Pushed Back to 2014

    Two prestige films have had their release dates shifted from this fall to 2014: ‘Foxcatcher’ with Steve Carell and ‘Grace of Monaco’ starring Nicole Kidman.

    (5) by Anthony Vieira
  • ‘Grace of Monaco’ Teaser: Nicole Kidman Brings Grace Kelly’s Serenity To Life

    In the ‘Grace of Monaco’ teaser trailer, plot and story get shunted to the side as Nicole Kidman’s role as Grace Kelly and the film’s visual design take center stage.

    (6) by Andy Crump
  • New Release Dates: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Cinderella’

    We have release date updates for the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie, ’12 Years a Slave’ and Disney’s live-action ‘Cinderella’ retelling.

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  • ‘Grace of Monaco’ and Mandela Biopic ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ Acquired by Weinsteins

    The Weinstein Company is picking up Oscar bait biopics ‘Grace of Monaco’ (starring Nicole Kidman) and ‘Long Walk to Freedom’, featuring Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela.

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