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  • 2011 Razzies Shortlist: The Worst Films and Performances of 2010

    The shortlist of nominees for the 2011 Golden Raspberry Award has been released and a new category has been added – Worst Eye-gouging Misuse of 3D.

    (66) by Paul Young
  • DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: June 8, 2010

    This week’s home video releases feature some big titles from early 2010 and a classic comedy long-considered one of the best.

    (8) by Mike Eisenberg
  • From Paris with Love Review

    ‘From Paris with Love’ is from both the writer and director of ‘Taken,’ and stars John Travolta – what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, unfortunately.

    (6) by Paul Young
  • New ‘Wolfman’ & ‘Losers’ Images; ‘Paris With Love’ Clips

    Yeah, I could probably stretch this stuff out into three different posts, forcing you good people to sift through a lot of my ramblings to…

    (5) by Kofi Outlaw
  • New Trailer & Images Sent ‘From Paris With Love’

    I’ve been keeping an eye on From Paris With Love for a few months now. The film was directed by Pierre Morel, who happened to…

    (3) by Ross Miller
  • Screen Rant’s 2010 Movie Preview

    Want to know what big movies are coming out in 2010? Checkout our month by month list of over 70 movies coming in the new year!

    (55) by Kofi Outlaw
  • Poster Friday Pt.2: Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass & Many More!

    Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the second half of this week’s Poster Friday feature. Part one of our biggest Poster Friday collection ever (separated into…

    (8) by Rob Keyes
  • Poster Friday: Avatar, Kick-Ass, Lost, Salt & More!

    Happy Friday everyone! We missed last week due to the launch of our sister site, and the fact that there was quite a few…

    (8) by Rob Keyes
  • ‘From Paris with Love’ Red Band Trailer

    John Travolta: the name used to be synonymous with dancing, bad accents, Scientology, and mediocre films. Then Pulp Fiction came out and reminded everyone in…

    (20) by Paul Young
  • Cool Poster & Trailer Sent ‘From Paris With Love’

    From Paris With Love is a new action movie produced and co-written by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) and directed by Pierre Morel, the guy…

    (18) by Ross Miller
  • Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up – March 19, 2009

    This week: Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman look at Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry; Justin Long is Going the Distance; Joel Silver knows an Unknown…

    (2) by Niall Browne
  • Mid-Week Movie News Wrap Up – Sept. 25, 2008

    This week’s action-packed Movie News Wrap Up features news on: Paul Greengrass’ Blackbeard; Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey and Michael Caine join forces… maybe; Shane Black’s…

    (5) by Niall Browne