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  • FOX Fall 2012 Premiere Dates Announced

    FOX has revealed its fall 2012 television schedule, adding the anticipated comedies ‘The Mindy Project’ and ‘Ben and Kate,’ while moving ‘Touch’ to a new night.

    (8) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Comic-Con 2012 TV Panels: The Complete List [Updated]

    Check out our complete guide to the Comic-Con 2012 TV panels, and pilot screenings of new shows like the superhero drama ‘Arrow’, NBC’s ‘Revolution’, and ‘666 Park Avenue’.

    (4) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 5 Details Revealed

    Executive producers Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner reveal what’s in store for ‘Fringe’ season 5 and promises a ‘huge payoff’ for its loyal fans.

    (102) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

    A vision to destory the world. The ability to save us all. Only one will survive. Join us as we review and discuss the ‘Fringe’ season 4 finale.

    (37) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale Trailer: Observers and…Dinosaurs?

    Check out the trailer for the ‘Fringe’ season 4 finale, ‘Brave New World- Part 2′.

    (5) by Scott Stoute
  • The Avengers of TV: Television’s 10 Mightiest Heroes

    ‘The Avengers’ aren’t the only ones who defend the Earth. We’ve assembled television’s Mightiest Heroes to take on Loki and his army.

    (47) by Anthony Ocasio
  • 2012 TV Finale Schedule: A Complete Guide

    Need help figuring out when the season finale of your favorite shows will be? We’ve got you covered with a complete schedule of over 70 TV finales set for the month of May.

    (20) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Renewed For Season 5 To Finish Series

    Fox has announced that the Friday night cult series ‘Fringe’ will be returning for a 13-episode season 5 to finish the series.

    (114) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale Has 2 Endings (In Case of Cancellation)

    In case Fox doesn’t pick up ‘Fringe’ for another season, the producers have two endings that they can use for the highly anticipated season 4 finale.

    (33) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 5 Will Head to Comic Books if Show Gets Canceled

    If Fox doesn’t renew ‘Fringe’ for season five, the producers plan on following in the footsteps of other canceled series – such as ‘Smallville’ – by continuing their story in comic book form.

    (31) by Scott Stoute
  • Fringe Season 4: ‘The End Of All Things’ Spoilers Discussion

    David Robert Jones has returned to complete Phase Two and The Observer ‘September’ reveals EVERYTHING! Join us as we discuss this week’s pivotal episode of ‘Fringe,’ ‘The End Of All Things.’

    (34) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4: ‘Welcome to Westfield’ Spoilers Discussion

    When Peter, Walter and Olivia get trapped in a mysterious town, memories begin to take over – literally. Join us as we discuss this week’s episode, ‘Welcome to Westfield.’

    (25) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4: ‘Forced Perspective’ Spoilers Discussion

    When a mysterious girl can predict death, the Fringe team must find out what’s behind her supernatural powers. Join us as we discuss the episode, entitled ‘Force Perspective.’

    (15) by Anthony Ocasio
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

    Discussions are currently underway to keep ‘Fringe’ on the air. Will the network reach an agreement for season 5? J.J. Abrams remains hopeful that they will.

    (110) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Fringe Season 4: ‘Wallflower’ Spoilers Discussion

    The Fringe team must combat an an invisible force. Is it a ghost or something else? The answer behind it will surprise everyone. Join us as we discuss the episode, entitled ‘Wallflower.’

    (6) by Anthony Ocasio
  • Friday TV Preview Round-Up: ‘Chuck,’ ‘Fringe,’ & ‘Supernatural’

    We have new previews for ‘Chuck’ (Chuck VS. the Business Trip), ‘Supernatural’ (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters), and ‘Fringe’ (Wallflower).

    (29) by Ben Moore
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4 ‘One Night In October’ Recap & Spoilers Discussion

    Want to know what happened in season 4, episode 2 of ‘Fringe,’ entitled ‘One Night in October’? Read our in-depth recap for all the details.

    (19) by Michael Crider
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

    Fox’s ‘Fringe’ returns for its fourth season tonight, with fans breathless in anticipation. Does the premiere capitalize on the buzz made by last season’s surprising finish? Read our review to find out.

    (48) by Michael Crider
  • ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Teaser: Walter Plays God & Peter Sends A Letter

    The final ‘Fringe’ season 4 trailer gives fans the best look yet at the Fringe team sans Peter – and we have a special message from Peter that sheds some light on his situation.

    (4) by Michael Crider
  • DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: September 6, 2011

    Some worthy titles hit DVD and Blu-ray this week, including ‘X-Men: First Class,’ ‘Hanna’ and ‘Scarface.’

    (16) by Mike Eisenberg