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  • X-Men & Fantastic Four Crossover Talks Confirmed by Bryan Singer

    Director Bryan Singer has confirmed that Fox’s Marvel films ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ will crossover… eventually.

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  • Fantastic Four (Powers Promo)

    New ‘Fantastic Four’ footage highlighting the team’s powers surfaces online alongside new images as part of a promotion for the reboot.

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  • Did ‘Fantastic Four’ Get Director Josh Trank Booted from His ‘Star Wars’ Anthology Movie?

    Rumor has it Lucasfilm dropped Josh Trank from his ‘Star Wars’ film over concerns about his behavior while making ‘Fantastic Four’.

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  • New ‘Fantastic Four’ Images Offer Best Look at The Thing Yet

    The latest batch of ‘Fantastic Four’ images provide the best look yet at Jamie Bell as The Thing in director Josh Trank’s reboot.

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  • ‘Fantastic Four’ Director on the Reboot; Sequel Moves Away from ‘Star Wars 8′

    20th Century Fox shifts the ‘Fantastic Four 2′ release date a bit, while director Josh Trank discusses his non-cartoonish F4 reboot.

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  • ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: Why The Characters Needed To Be Updated

    Director Josh Trank (Chronicle) explains how and why the four heroes of his contemporary reboot of ‘Fantastic Four’ needed to be updated.

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  • 10 Things We Now Know About The ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

    ‘Fantastic Four’ director Josh Trank and producer Simon Kinberg discuss the 2015 reboot’s first trailer, modernizing the property, inter-dimensional travel and spoilers.

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  • ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Fantastic Four 2′, and More Get New Release Dates

    The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ film, a ‘Fantastic Four’ movie reboot sequel, and the Hugh Jackman musical ‘Greatest Showman on Earth’ have all gotten new release dates.

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  • ‘Gambit’ Confirmed As Third ‘X-Men’ Movie of 2016

    Twentieth Century Fox officially sets a ‘Gambit’ spinoff movie with Channing Tatum with a 2016 release date alongside ‘Deadpool’ and ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

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  • Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years [Updated]

    With Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios announcing years worth of theatrical release dates, we take a look at ALL of the DC and Marvel films coming between now and 2020.

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  • Simon Kinberg: Fantastic Four & X-Men Crossover Possibility Is ‘Intriguing’

    Writer-producer Simon Kinberg changes his tune on the potential of the ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘X-Men’ franchises crossing over.

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  • ‘Fantastic Four’ Writer Promises Less ‘Goofy’ Reboot; Talks Sequel Plans

    ‘Fantastic Four’ screenwriter Simon Kinberg says the movie will have a grounded tone, and that he’s writing with sequels in mind.

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  • ‘Fantastic Four': Tim Blake Nelson Says Script Has ‘Real Heart’ and ‘Soul’

    New ‘Fantastic Four’ cast addition Tim Blake Nelson praises the script by Simon Kinberg, saying it has ‘as much soul as it does action.’

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  • ‘Fantastic Four': Tim Blake Nelson in Final Talks to Play ‘Mole Man’ Harvey Elder

    The ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot may include another major comic book supervillain, as Tim Blake Nelson is in talks to play Harvey Elder AKA Mole Man.

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  • ‘Wolverine 3′, ‘Fantastic Four 2′, ‘Taken 3′ and More Get Release Dates

    20th Century Fox has set release dates for ‘Wolverine 3′, ‘Taken 3′, ‘Fantastic Four 2′, an untitled Marvel film, a Ridley Scott feature, and more!

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