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  • Fantastic Fest: That’s A Wrap

    Fantastic Fest is now over, and the only thing I have left are ticket stubs and memories. And the nostalgic photo above where they started…

    (6) by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest Day Eight: Silat, Brains, and Dolph Lundgren

    Fantastic Fest came to a close on Day Eight, and it was most definitely with a bang, and not a whimper. In fact, the final…

    (6) by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest: Day Seven – Strippers, Zombies, and British Gangsters

    Day Seven was devoted to catching some of the award-winning films at the fest that I hadn’t seen yet. Extreme horror is not really my…

    (1) by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest Day Six: The Asian Cinema Trifecta

    With a very sore shoulder from firing round after round from automatic weapons, Day Six began slowly. After just a few hours of lugging and…

    (1) by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest Day Five: Bullets, Breasts, Beer and Boxing Gloves

    Day Five of Fantastic Fest consisted of one movie. ONE MOVIE! Is it a shame when you attend a film festival and see only one…

    (19) by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest: Day Four – Swedish Sci-Fi, Revenge, Truffles, and Terry Gilliam

    Day Four marks the halfway point for Fantastic Fest, and I’ve already seen two of the best films of the festival so far. That really…

    by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest Day Three: Japanese Sci-Fi Punk Rock, Russian Doctors on Drugs, and Vampirical Assistants

    Day Three of Fantastic Fest is over and done with, and it was a bit of a doozy. Not because of the continuing onslaught of…

    (1) by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest Day Two: Robots, Magic, Goats, & Sumo Dudes

    Day One of Fantastic Fest ended with an opening night party at the Drafthouse’s new “The Highball,” where they threw a Gentlemen Broncos “Brutus &…

    by Kevin Kelly
  • Fantastic Fest: Day One – Nazi Undead, Broncos, & House Demons

    Fantastic Fest: Day One is now officially under the belt, as are a large amount of bizarre culinary treats, including the aformentioned root beer cookies….

    (2) by Kevin Kelly
  • Screen Rant Invades Fantastic Fest

    OK, so maybe you guys aren’t fans of ‘artsy’ films like those shown at TIFF, but Fantastic Fest is what Screen Rant is REALLY about.

    (3) by Kevin Kelly