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  • ‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ Review

    By the time this film draws to a close, it will have accomplished little more than being a glorified 90-minute distraction for kids.

    (25) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ Trailer: Another Trip Over the Rainbow

    The newest preview for the animated ‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ highlights the fantastical, comedic adventures of Dorothy Gale.

    (10) by Kyle Hembree
  • ‘Dorothy of Oz’ Trailer: Star-Studded Animated Trip Back Over the Rainbow

    The ‘Dorothy of Oz’ teaser trailer offers an early look at the new animated Oz film, featuring the voice talents of Lea Michele (Glee), Patrick Stewart, Dan Aykroyd, and Martin Short, among others.

    (16) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Movie Poster Roundup: ‘Rubber’, ‘Rio’, ‘True Legend’, ‘Super’ & More

    There are 31 posters from 26 movies in today’s Movie Poster Roundup including ‘Rio’, ‘True Legend’, ‘Super’, ‘Attack the Block’, ‘Cars 2′, ‘Courageous’, ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ & some upcoming indie films.

    (9) by Paul Young
  • New ‘Dorothy of Oz’ Images & Character Designs

    Check out some new images of settings and character designs from the 3D animated sequel ‘Dorothy of Oz’.

    (7) by Kofi Outlaw