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    We’ve narrowed down Quentin Tarantino’s best musical moments, just for you!

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  • 10 Clues to Quentin Tarantino’s Shared Movie Universe

    The shared movie universe craze didn’t start with Marvel – Here are plenty of the best clues to Quentin Tarantino’s larger world.

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  • How Harvey Keitel Saved ‘Reservoir Dogs’ – Exclusive ‘Tarantino XX’ Blu-ray Clip

    Available Nov. 20, the Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection Blu-ray includes new two discs worth of bonus material featuring filmmakers discussing their work with Quentin Tarantino over the years.

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  • The 10 Most Chilling Movie Serial Killers

    Serial killers have been explored in movies for decades, but which of them are the most memorably chilling? Take a look at our top 10 list to find out.

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  • SR Pick: Tarantino Minimalist Movie Posters

    You know what I love? Quentin Tarantino movies. You know what else I love? Minimalist art. How lucky is it then that I found this…

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  • Review: Grindhouse

    (19) by Vic Holtreman