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  • Can Batman V Superman Top Deadpool At Box Office?

    In a special edition of the Box Office Prediction, we analyze Batman V Superman’s chances of topping Deadpool’s opening weekend numbers.

    (79) by Chris Agar
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: March 20, 2016

    Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of March 20, 2016, featuring new release Allegiant and returning champ Zootopia.

    (10) by Chris Agar
  • Deadpool Has Earned Over $700 Million; Beats Iron Man

    Deadpool has officially earned over $700 million globally, and has surpassed 2008’s Iron Man in terms of the domestic box office ticket sales.

    (30) by Sean K. Cureton
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: March 13, 2016

    Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of March 13, 2016, featuring new release 10 Cloverfield Lane and returning champ Zootopia.

    (13) by Chris Agar
  • Deadpool Releases Retro Monthiversary Trailer

    The Merc With a Mouth is back to remind fans why they love him with this quick, homemade Monthiversary trailer for Deadpool.

    (3) by Mike Jones
  • 2016 MTV Movie Award Nominees Include Star Wars & Deadpool

    The 2016 MTV Movie Award nominations have been announced, with Deadpool and Star Wars: The Force Awakens having both amassed multiple nominations.

    (7) by Becky Fuller
  • After Deadpool: How R-Rated Superheroes Could Change The Game

    What does an R-Rated superhero hit like Deadpool mean for the genre? Is it the wave of the future… or has its impact been exaggerated?

    (12) by Andrew Dyce
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: March 6, 2016

    Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of March 6, 2016, featuring new releases Zootopia and London Has Fallen.

    (21) by Chris Agar
  • Marvel Has No Plans for R-Rated MCU Movies

    Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors at a shareholder meeting the company does not plan to make any R-rated Marvel movies.

    (40) by Jeremy Clymer
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: February 28, 2016

    Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of February 28, 2016, featuring new release Gods of Egypt and returning champion Deadpool.

    (6) by Chris Agar
  • Fox Dates 2 New X-Men Movies, Alien: Covenant and Predator

    Twentieth Century Fox adds a pair of untitled Marvel/X-Men movies to their release schedule and assigns dates to Alien: Covenant and Predator.

    (36) by Rob Keyes
  • Deadpool: Negasonic Teenage Warhead Concept Art Revealed

    Concept artist Joshua James Shaw has revealed Deadpool concept art, showing other looks considered for Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

    (12) by John Casteele
  • Deadpool Writers Discuss Character’s Future With X-Force & X-Men

    The Deadpool writing team recently revealed that they’ll likely be involved with the X-Force film, as well as any other movie Deadpool appears in.

    (21) by John Casteele
  • Rumor: Deadpool 2 Will Introduce Domino to the X-Men Movies

    Rumor has it Domino will appear in the Deadpool movie sequel, as the X-Men Cinematic Universe continues to grow.

    (16) by Rudie Obias
  • SR Giveaway: Win An Epic Deadpool Prize Pack! [Updated]

    To celebrate the release of Deadpool in theaters, we’re giving away an epic Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds prize pack. Here’s how to win!

    (147) by Rob Keyes
  • Deadpool 2 Writers Tease Comic Book Inspiration for the Sequel

    Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already putting together Deadpool 2, but which comic book storylines will they use as inspiration?

    (5) by Andy L. Kubai
  • Deadpool Dishes Out Life Advice in Dear Deadpool Video

    In a new Facebook video posted by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, the Merc with a Mouth and his sidekick Weasel offer unhelpful advice to fans.

    (10) by Jeremy Clymer
  • Deadpool Is the Highest Grossing R-Rated Comic Book Movie of All Time

    The Ryan Reynolds-headlined Deadpool is now the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time – and its run at the box office is far from done.

    (70) by George Simpson
  • Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up: February 21, 2016

    Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of February 21, 2016, featuring new release Risen and returning champ Deadpool.

    (16) by Chris Agar
  • Deadpool Writers Discuss Hollywood’s Fear of Taking Risks

    Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick hope that their film’s success will push Hollywood to green light more edgy movie fare.

    (53) by Andy L. Kubai