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  • NBC Cuts ‘Day One’ Short

    NBC announced that they are taking what was going to be a new sci-fi series and cut it back into a mini-series. Chomp! Chomp! In…

    (5) by Bruce Simmons
  • Television: The High Cost Of Doing Business

    In this article, I’m chatting a bit about advertisers cutting costs and how this might be relating to shows like Heroes and Day One.  That,…

    (3) by Bruce Simmons
  • NBC Announces New Shows, Including “Day One”

    On Monday, May 5th 2009, The Jay Leno network NBC announced a slate of new shows at their In-Fronts for the 2009 / 2010 television…

    (30) by Bruce Simmons
  • NBC Orders LOST Producer’s ‘Day One’ Pilot

    Jesse Alexander, writer-producer of such hit shows as Lost and Heroes, has sold a new show to NBC: the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama, Day One. How…

    (12) by Kofi Outlaw