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  • New ‘Terminator Salvation’ & ‘Crank 2′ Posters

    New ‘Terminator Salvation’ & ‘Crank 2′ Posters

    Yesterday, the final poster for Crank 2: High Voltage appeared online in addition to a brand new one for Terminator Salvation. We’ll start with the…

    by Rob Keyes | 6 years ago42 Comments

  • Tony Stark To Star In Sequel: Crank 2

    Tony Stark To Star In Sequel: Crank 2

    by Vic Holtreman | 8 years ago30 Comments

  • Review: Crank

    Review: Crank

    Rating: 3.5 out of 5

    Short version: An insane, bloody, gratuitous, funny rollercoaster of a movie that doesn’t pretend to be anything beyond that

    Jason Statham in CrankGoing in, the one thing I didn’t expect this movie to be was funny. I had more laugh out loud moments during Crank than I did while watching the supposed comedy Clerks II. Before you decide to go see this, be aware that it earns its R-rating on every level: content, situations, language, violence, gore, sex and nudity. (Fine, now everyone will rush out to go see it.)

    by Vic Holtreman | 9 years ago3 Comments