Comedy, Crime, Drama
Jon Huertas, Molly C. Quinn, Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Tamala Jones


    After a serial killer imitates the plots of Rick Castle’s (Fillion) novels for his own murders, the New York Mayor grants Castle permission to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes.

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    • TV News Wrap-Up: American Gods Starts Filming, Stana Katic Leaves Castle & More

      American Gods enters production, Stana Katic leaves Castle, Kevin Bacon joins I Love Dick, Idris Elba joins Guerrilla, and more.

      (11) by Agustin Guerrero
    • ‘Castle’ Season 8 Won’t Include Penny Johnson Jerald’s Captain Gates

      When ‘Castle’ returns for Season 8, Penny Johnson Jerald will no longer be captain of the 12th Precinct.

      (62) by Sean Reed
    • 2014 Fall TV Show Premiere & Return Dates – Sep, Oct, Nov

      The fall television season is now officially underway. Start planning your next 3 months of TV watching right now with our guide to premiere dats and times!

      (27) by Anthony Ocasio
    • ‘Castle’ Spinoff ‘Derrick Storm’ TV Series in Development

      ABC has begun development on a TV series based on the ‘Derrick Storm’ books originating in ‘Castle.’

      (14) by Molly Freeman
    • ‘Castle': Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

      Castle is excited at the prospect of a case involving real ninjas, but Beckett is wary in ‘Castle’ Season 6, Episode 18: ‘The Way of the Ninja.’

      (7) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Even Steven

      An undercover narcotics assignment goes south for Beckett in in ‘Castle’ Season 6, Episode 17: ‘In the Belly of the Beast.’

      (8) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Mind Games

      More than one person confesses to the murder of a man in a hotel room in ‘Castle’ Season 6, Episode 16, ‘Room 147.’

      (3) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Love Lifts Us Up

      Castle is in his element, investigating a teenage girl who may possess telekinetic powers on ‘Castle’ Season 5, Episode 15, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’

      (5) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Murder Is the New Black

      Castle and Beckett enter the world of high fashion and talk wedding dresses and venues in ‘Castle': ‘Dressed to Kill.’

      (4) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle’ : Whoa, Mama!

      Alexis makes a decision about Pi in ‘Castle’ Season 6, Episode 13, ‘Limelight.’

      (4) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': On Dads and Dates

      Castle’s estranged father is at the center of an investigation in ‘Castle,’ season 6, episode 12: ‘Deep Cover.’

      (10) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Grace Under Fire

      Ryan’s wife goes into labor while the team tracks down a serial arsonist in ‘Castle’ Season 6, Episode 11: ‘Under Fire.’

      (6) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Oh, Baby!

      Castle and Beckett find themselves caring for an infant during a case in ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 10, “The Good, The Bad & The Baby”

      (13) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Dead Ringer

      The detectives and staff of the 12th Precinct seem to be the targets of a bizarre string of murders in ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 9: ‘Disciple.’

      (20) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Romance and a Stone

      Castle, Beckett and the team risk life and limb to find out who killed a famous relationship therapist and why in ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 8: ‘A Murder Is Forever.’

      (14) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle’ : Family Ties

      Alexis begrudgingly asks for Castle’s help in saving a man on death row in the brand-new ‘Castle’ episode, ‘Like Father, Like Daughter.’

      (12) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle’ : Empty Nest Syndrome

      Castle faces his own fears about Alexis moving in with Pi in the ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 6, ‘Get A Clue.’

      (4) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle’ : All Out of Time?

      When a murder suspect – Joshua Gomez (Morgan from ‘Chuck’) – claims he’s traveled back in time to save billions of lives, it’s up to Castle and Beckett to figure out the truth in ‘Time WIll Tell.’

      (18) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Murderer Is Not An Adjective, It’s a Setup

      A kidnapper’s sole demand is that she negotiate solely with her favorite author, Richard Castle, in ‘Castle': ‘Number One Fan.’

      (6) by Heather Donmoyer
    • ‘Castle': Kate Beckett and Mr. Spock

      Worlds collide as Beckett and McCord travel to New York and take over a case that Ryan, Esposito and Castle are already working on in ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 3: “Need to Know.”

      (5) by Heather Donmoyer