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  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Captain Planet

    Any true ’90s kid knows who our planet’s savior truly is, but do you know all there is to know about the Captain? Find out here!

    (2) by Leo Johnson
  • 80s & 90s Cartoons that Could be Great Blockbuster Movies

    We take a look at 10 cartoon series from the 1980s and 1990s that could make for great live-action blockbuster movie adaptations.

    (290) by Ben Kendrick
  • ‘Captain Planet’ Movie Adaptation Close to Being Acquired by Sony

    After a long silence, it seem that Sony is poised to acquire the rights to a live-action ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ movie.

    (49) by Andrew Dyce
  • SR Geek Picks: ‘Captain Planet’ Trailer, Cartoon-Style Movie Posters, ‘Last Airbender’ Posters & More!

    A fan-made Captain Planet trailer; famous movie posters done in cartoon style; a Catwoman trailer for the Justice League ‘Injustice Among Us’ video game, and more.

    (6) by Justin Vactor
  • ‘Captain Planet’ Movie Being Developed By ‘Transformers’ Producer

    Cartoon Network and ‘Transformers’ producer Don Murphy are collaborating on a live-action film adaptation of the ‘Captain Planet’ animated series.

    (117) by Sandy Schaefer