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  • Booster Gold: Zack Stentz Confirms He’s Working On The Script

    Screenwriter Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class) confirms he’s working on the script for a big screen Booster Gold for Warner Bros.

    (49) by Molly Freeman
  • Booster Gold: Greg Berlanti Confirms Movie in Development

    Arrow and The Flash co-creator Greg Berlanti confirmed that a Booster Gold movie is in the works and that he may direct the DC Comics-based film.

    (26) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Booster Gold Movie Being Developed By Thor Writer [Updated]

    A Booster Gold movie is rumored to be in the works with The Flash and Arrow mastermind Greg Berlanti developing – and even directing.

    (19) by Andrew Dyce
  • How The Flash Just Confirmed DC’s Shared TV Multiverse

    The Flash’s trip to Earth-2 explained how Supergirl fits into DC’s TV Multiverse, but it’s not the only show – or hero – being hinted at.

    (110) by Andrew Dyce
  • 12 Best DC Comic Book Sidekicks

    Some of our favorite heroes and villains have the greatest sidekicks-find out if your favorite made it onto Screen Rant’s 12 Best Comic Book Sidekicks

    (10) by Casey Haney
  • Warner Bros. Developing Booster Gold & Blue Beetle Movie

    Warner Bros. and DC are now developing a Booster Gold & Blue Beetle team-up movie, with The Flash’s Greg Berlanti set to direct.

    (149) by Jeremy Owens
  • Nathan Fillion Wants to Play DC Comics Hero Booster Gold

    Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion said at Wizard World Comic Con that the superhero he’d most like to play is DC’s Booster Gold.

    (28) by Matthew MacNabb
  • ‘Arrow/Flash’ Spinoff Team’s Final Roster Revealed?

    With the next ‘Arrow/Flash’ spinoff rumored to be a superhero team-up, new details tease the DC Comics characters who may join the cast.

    (56) by Andrew Dyce
  • ‘The Flash’ Producer: ‘Chances Are Good’ Of Seeing Booster Gold

    With ‘The Flash’ premiere opening the door to time travel, producer Geoff Johns says an appearance from Booster Gold is likely.

    (32) by Andrew Dyce
  • David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

    Word is that ‘Man of Steel’ writer David S. Goyer is the architect of DC and WB’s movie universe – which may include ‘Team 7′, ‘Deathstroke’ and ‘Booster Gold’ movies.

    (135) by Kofi Outlaw
  • ‘Man of Steel’ Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

    We discuss what (if anything) a Booster Gold Easter egg found in ‘Man of Steel’ trailer 3 could mean for DC’s Justice League shared universe.

    (81) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • 10 Lesser-Known Comic Book Characters That Deserve a TV Show

    Following all the excitement of Comic-Con 2012, we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite lesser-known comic book characters that have TV show potential.

    (66) by Scott Stoute
  • Syfy Developing ‘Booster Gold’ TV Series

    Syfy has ordered a script for a new series featuring time-traveling DC superhero Booster Gold. Would you watch a series about the cocky character?

    (43) by Rob Frappier