Rating :
[ TV-14 ]
Director :
Hart Hanson
Cast :
David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, John Francis Daley, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor
Synopsis :

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Deschanel) teams up with FBI agent Steeley Booth (Boreanaz) to investigate death causes, with little more than rotten flesh and bones left to examine.

Synopsis :

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Deschanel) teams up with FBI agent Steeley Booth (Boreanaz) to investigate death causes, with little more than rotten flesh and bones left to examine.

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    Fox has announced a ‘Bones’/’Sleepy Hollow’ two-episode crossover event for Fall 2015.

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    A new intern joins the Jeffersonian team and he’s got his sights set on wooing Brennan in ‘Bones’ Season 9, Episode 17: ‘The Repo Man in the Septic Tank.’

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  • ‘Bones': The Value of Human Life

    Freddie Prinze, Jr. returns to aid the Jeffersonian team in ‘Bones’ Season 9, Episode 16: ‘The Source In the Sludge.’

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  • ‘Bones': Hodgins Now Has a Brother

    Bones and Booth are off solving a mystery, while Hodgins finds out that his family has grown by one in this week’s episode of ‘Bones': ‘The Heiress in the Hill.’

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  • ‘Bones': Sociopaths Don’t Yawn

    When a chess master turns up dead, Sweets must go undercover to find out who the killer is in ‘Bones’ Season 9, Episode 14, ‘The Master in the Slop.’

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  • ‘Bones': Paradise Lost

    Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a country singer and Wendall must grapple with a serious medical diagnosis in ‘Bones’ Season 9, Episode 13, “Big in the Philippines”

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  • ‘Bones': In Limbo

    Brennan is convinced there is another serial killer on the loose but when a box of remains is left at her house she must solve that murder first in, “The Ghost in the Killer.”

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  • ‘Bones': At Rest

    The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a competitive gymnast in ‘Bones’ Season 9, Episode 11: ‘The Spark in the Park.’

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  • ‘Bones’ : GMOs and BFFs

    The team investigates a case surrounding human remains found in a school cafeteria’s meat grinder in ‘Bones’ season 9, episode 10: ‘The Mystery in the Meat.’

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  • ‘Bones’ Begins Friday Night Time Slot with a Twist

    Brennan is part of a sequestered jury while the rest of the team investigates the death of a key witness in the trial in ‘Bones’ Season 9, Episode 9: ‘The Fury In the Jury.’

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  • ‘Bones': The Feud, The Botfly, and The Hoe

    Brennan deals with a rival author while the team searches for a male model’s killer in ‘Bones’ season 9, episode 8: ‘The Dude in the Dam’

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  • ‘Bones’ Honeymoon Is All Work and No Play

    While on their honeymoon, Booth and Brennan come across fresh remains and must team up with local authorities to solve the case in ‘Bones': ‘The Nazi on the Honeymoon.’

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  • ‘Bones’ Celebrates Marriage With an Homage to the Past

    Friends & family gather for the long-awaited wedding of Booth and Brennan! But a brand new case and burned out church threatens everyone’s plans in this week’s episode of Bones, ‘The Woman in White.’

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  • ‘Bones': ‘Twas the Night Before the Wedding

    Booth and Brennan ponder life and death as they investigate the death of a man working through his bucket list in ‘Bones': “The Lady on the List.”

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  • ‘Bones’ : Is All Well That Ends Well?

    The Christopher Pelant arc comes to a thrilling conclusion in ‘Bones’ season 9, episode 4: “The Sense in the Sacrifice.”

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  • ‘Bones’ Proves Parting is Sweets’ Sorrow

    A local gang banger is murdered and a young boy holds the key to the case. Plus, Sweets must make a decision about whether or not to extend his sabbatical in the ‘Bones’ episode, ‘El Carnicero en el Coche.’

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