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  • 15 Best Westerns Of The 21st Century

    Saddle up, and party like it’s 1899 as we take a look at the best westerns of the century.

    (8) by Aric Mitchell
  • The 12 Best Movie Posters of 2015

    There were some fantastic movie posters released in 2015 – these were our top 12 favorites.

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  • 15 Best Horror Movies of 2015

    Some of these aren’t necessarily traditional horror, but they’re bound to creep into your nightmares one way or another.

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  • 15 Best Movies of 2015 You May Have Missed

    Here’s a list to help make up some of your blindspots and introduce you to some films that could be your new favorites.

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  • Bone Tomahawk Trailer: Death Waits For No Man

    The first trailer for the upcoming horror-Western Bone Tomahawk features Kurt Russell as a Sheriff hunting for cannibals.

    (11) by Agustin Guerrero
  • ‘Bone Tomahawk’ Casts Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins & Jen Carpenter

    Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins and Jennifer Carpenter are set to star in writer/director S. Craig Zahler’s horror-Western, ‘Bone Tomahawk.’

    (5) by Perri Nemiroff