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  • Bill & Ted 3: Keanu Reeves Says They’re ‘Trying to Get the Story Right’

    Keanu Reeves says that Bill & Ted 3 is still moving forward slowly, as the crew behind the project tweak the screenplay.

    (10) by Andy L. Kubai
  • 11 Amazing Comedies You Can Stream on Netflix

    Netflix offers quite the assortment of comedies to watch instantly. Here’s a list of some of the classics to help you get started.

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  • 12 Best Comics Books Spawned From Movies

    Comic book movies might be all the rage the last few years, but check out these movies that went on to spawn comic adaptations and sequels.

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  • Movies That Stole Footage From Other Films

    It turns out not every movie moment is an original – sometimes it’s faster, easier or cheaper to just steal a shot from another movie.

    (36) by Andrew Dyce
  • Keanu Reeves Offers ‘Bill & Ted 3′ Story Details

    Keanu Reeves provides an update on the progress of ‘Bill & Ted 3′ as well as some details on the story, which catches up with Bill and Ted in their forties.

    (26) by Anthony Vieira
  • Now You’re Thinking with Portals: Our 10 Favorite World-Hopping Movies

    ‘Thor: The Dark World’ features jumping between the various alternate worlds of the Marvel Universe. Here are a few more of Screen Rant’s favorite movies about stepping through a portal and into another universe.

    (20) by Kyle Hembree