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  • Cancelled Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Movie Concept Art Revealed

    As DC’s The Killing Joke animated film moves forward, Joker concept art has surfaced from DC’s first attempt to adapt Alan Moore’s graphic novel.

    (27) by John Casteele
  • SR Pick: The Secret Six Flee Batman in The Demon in the Dark Short Film

    Short film The Demon in the Dark follows a group of well-known villains through the streets of Gotham, as they attempt to elude the Dark Knight.

    (12) by Paul Young
  • Batman: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Batcave

    Where does Batman go when he needs work done? The Batcave of course! This dark, damp cavern holds much more than just Batman’s cape and cowl though!

    (8) by Casey Haney
  • Geoff Johns Reveals That DC Comics: Rebirth is Not a Reboot

    DC’s mysterious hush-hush Rebirth comics event is apparently not a reboot, according to Geoff Johns – so what is it, then?

    (24) by Bob Chipman
  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Batsuit

    Batman’s Batsuit is perhaps the most recognizable and famous super suit in all of comics – see what makes it so iconic and useful!

    (5) by Casey Haney
  • Batman Actor Coming to Big Bang Theory Episode 200

    Adam West, legendary star of the ’60s Batman TV series, has signed on to guest star in The Big Bang Theory’s 200th episode.

    (14) by Michael Kennedy
  • The Dark Knight Video Game Footage Surfaces Online

    Footage from the canceled Dark Knight video game has made its way online, teasing fans as to what might have been.

    (13) by Michael Kennedy
  • Batman’s 12 Best Batsuits of All Time

    With a history spanning over 75 years, Batman has had dozens of redesigns and new Batsuits. Here are 12 of the best!

    (39) by Casey Haney
  • Ben Affleck Hints Zack Snyder Inspired Him to Direct Solo Batman Movie

    Ben Affleck comments on the possibility of directing a superhero movie, saying his experience with Zack Snyder on Batman V Superman ‘inspired’ him.

    (39) by Chris Agar
  • LEGO Unveils Classic Batman ’66 Batcave Set

    Lego promises to make Batman fans excited with the announcement of an all new set inspired by the 1966 TV series starring Adam West.

    (8) by Matthew MacNabb
  • The Killing Joke Animated Movie To Feature ‘A Lot More Story’

    The animated feature film adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke will feature ‘a lot more story’ in order to fill its runtime.

    (25) by Sean K. Cureton
  • 11 Most Glorious Moments in Batman Movies

    From the breathtaking to the disturbing – and everything in between – here are the best the Batman movies have to offer.

    (45) by Marc N. Kleinhenz
  • Screen Rant’s 30 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2016

    What video games should you look out for this year? Let us offer some guidance with Screen Rant’s 30 most anticipated video games of 2016.

    (38) by Agustin Guerrero
  • Batman V Superman: Biggest Test Screening Spoilers & Details

    Massive Batman V Superman plot spoilers have spilled out of a rumored test screening – we break it all down for fans who need to know!

    (140) by Andrew Dyce
  • Batman-Inspired Vehicle Feature From The Dark Knight Patented By Ford

    Will Ford be the first car company to incorporate Batman technology, now that it’s patented a feature from The Dark Knight’s version of the Batpod?

    (17) by Matthew MacNabb
  • Rumor Patrol: Christopher Nolan Prepping a WWII Film?

    According to recent reports, director Christopher Nolan’s next film may be a WWII drama to be set and filmed in France.

    (52) by Hector Cruz
  • 10 Ways That Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Could Disappoint Fans

    Comic book fans are divided over the Batman v Superman movie hype. Will the movie overcome these potential flaws, or will fans end up disappointed?

    (19) by Matthew Loffhagen
  • Will Smith’s Deadshot Rumored For Solo Batman Movie

    A new rumor surrounding Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie claims the hero will join forces with Will Smith’s Deadshot, hot off Suicide Squad.

    (114) by Andrew Dyce
  • Who Did It Better? Supervillain Casting Decisions

    Many iconic supervillains have been portrayed by different actors – let’s put ten of them side by side to determine who did it best!

    (15) by Megan Walsh
  • Stephen Amell: Batman and Superman Could Come to Arrow & The Flash

    Could Stephen Amell’s Arrow and Gran Gustin’s The Flash cross paths with Batman and Superman one day? Amell says it’s a possibility.

    (116) by Matthew MacNabb