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  • Kevin Smith Says Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Avoid Batman V Superman’s ‘Pitfalls’

    Comic book superfan Kevin Smith has high hopes for Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman movie, despite his mixed feelings towards Batman V Superman.

    (26) by Andy L. Kubai
  • Batman Super Fan Builds the Ultimate LEGO Batcave

    A dedicated Batman fan spent two months building an exceptionally detailed version of the Batcave out of Lego.

    (3) by George Simpson
  • Bruce Campbell on How Ash Would Defeat Superman, Batman & More

    Does Bruce Campbell believe that Ash could defeat either Batman or Superman in a fight? Yes he does, and they’re not the only ones.

    (12) by Michael Kennedy
  • Why Warner Bros. Should Fast Track Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie

    After the positive response to Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batman V Superman, Warner Bros. would be well advised to fast track the character’s solo film.

    (164) by Chris Agar
  • Ben Affleck Has Written A Batman Movie Script

    One of WME’s co-CEOs has confirmed that Ben Affleck has written a Batman movie script, in addition to being contracted for the Justice League films.

    (72) by Mike Jones
  • DC Comics Teases Joker Identity Reveal in Justice League

    According to Geoff Johns, the Joker’s identity will be revealed as a part of DC Comics’ new Rebirth series coming out this summer.

    (58) by Kelly Kauffman
  • 10 Characters Who Have Been Batman Besides Bruce Wayne

    DC Comics’ history is filled with Batmen other than Bruce Wayne. Here are ten of the best-known characters to call themselves Batman.

    (19) by Robin Parrish
  • Batman V Superman: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Detail

    We break down each and every Batman V Superman easter egg, comic book nod and reference to fully appreciate the Justice League set-up.

    (145) by Andrew Dyce
  • Batman V Superman: Justice League Cameos & Connections Explained

    Batman V Superman launches DC’s shared universe, but to grasp how much was revealed, let us to break down the Justice League cameos and connections.

    (41) by Andrew Dyce
  • Batman V Superman: Biggest Dawn of Justice Spoilers & Reveals

    Now that Batman V Superman has opened in theaters, we review the biggest spoilers, surprises, and reveals in Dawn of Justice.

    (63) by Ben Kendrick
  • Why Batman Kills People in Batman V Superman

    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder explains how and why Ben Affleck’s caped crusader actually kills his enemies and uses a gun.

    (221) by Rob Keyes
  • Batman: Ben Affleck Confirms Geoff Johns Collaboration

    Ben Affleck confirms that he’s collaborating with DC’s Geoff Johns on a mystery project. Could it be the next solo Batman movie?

    (39) by Chris Agar
  • Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Batman (1989)

    With tonight’s debut of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we revisit the 1989 denizens of Gotham City to see what they are up to today.

    by Ben Jackson
  • Batman V Superman Cast Talks DCEU: Making a ‘Ridiculous’ Idea Real

    Director Zack Snyder and the cast of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice talk about introducing DC’s Trinity and building the Justice League.

    (80) by Don Kaye
  • 12 Worst Batman Stories of All Time

    Batman v Superman may not be getting glowing reviews, but here are a few gentle reminders of how bad it truly could have been.

    (5) by T Campbell
  • All Of The Batman And Superman Movies, Ranked

    With Batman and Superman finally facing off on the big screen, we took on the task of ranking all of their individual films.

    (5) by Zak Wojnar
  • Best Batman Gadgets in Comic Books & Movies

    Being The World’s Greatest Detective isn’t easy. We take a look at the best bat-gadgets that Batman has utilized over the last 75 years.

    (12) by Ben Kendrick
  • Batman V Superman: How the Dark Knight Wins Even if He Loses

    With fans wondering who will win in the battle between Batman V Superman, we suggest how the Dark Knight will still win even if he loses the fight.

    (45) by Ben Kendrick
  • Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Movie First Image Revealed

    Mark Hamill has taken to Twitter, giving fans their first look at Batman and the Joker from the upcoming DC animated film: Batman: The Killing Joke.

    (29) by John Casteele
  • DC TV Trademarks Pennyworth Comedy Series

    DC TV has trademarked Pennyworth for a TV series title, leading to speculation that Batman staple Alfred Pennyworth is getting his own TV show.

    (16) by Bob Chipman