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  • Movie News Wrap Up: ‘The Gift’ Trailer, ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ & More

    A new trailer for Joel Edgerton’s directorial debut ‘The Gift,’ two actors join the voice cast of animated film ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ and more!

    (4) by Robert Yaniz Jr.
  • ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Season Pass Includes Michael Keaton 1989 Batmobile

    The upcoming DLC for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ includes a Batmobile skin based on the design from Tim Burton’s 1989 ‘Batman’.

    (32) by Jeremy Owens
  • ‘Batman V Superman': Zack Snyder Brings the Batmobile to Comic-Con

    Late Friday night, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ director Zack Snyder visited the Hall H line at SDCC 2015 in the Batmobile.

    (14) by Molly Freeman
  • ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ to Become Animated Movie

    Bruce Timm announced at Comic-Con that DC Entertainment is adapting ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ into an animated movie.

    (47) by Jeremy Owens
  • New ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Coming to Comic-Con?

    The first full-length trailer for ‘Batman V Superman’ has been rated, rumored to be airing on ‘Conan’ after the Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel.

    (41) by Andrew Dyce
  • ‘Batman’ Solo Movie: Ben Affleck Directing, Geoff Johns Co-Writing

    Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman for a solo film that he’ll also direct, as well as co-write with DC Comics’ Geoff Johns.

    (106) by Sarah Moran
  • SDCC 2015: ‘Batman V Superman’ Armored Batsuit & Gadget Images

    The ‘Batman v Superman’ costumes – including the armored Batsuit – and Batman’s gadgets are on display at SDCC 2015, and we have images.

    (69) by Ben Kendrick
  • SDCC 2015: 5 Things DC & Warner Bros. Need to Win Comic-Con

    Warner Bros. is set to take the Hall H stage at Comic-Con 2015 but what should fans expect – besides ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’?

    (50) by Ben Kendrick
  • 10 Best Movie Clues You Totally Missed

    Plot twists don’t always come out of the blue, but are teased and hinted at with clues most viewers will miss. Here are 10 of our favorites.

    (29) by Chris Agar
  • ‘Batman v Superman': Wonder Woman Is ‘Gateway Drug’ to Justice League

    Zack Snyder calls Wonder Woman the ‘gateway drug’ to the rest of the Justice League, while Ben Affleck explains why he took the role of Batman.

    (74) by Chris Agar
  • 5 Awful Superhero Movie Castings That Almost Happened

    Every star of a superhero blockbuster faces criticism nowadays, but these casting close-calls prove that things could always be worse.

    (83) by Chris Agar
  • Warner Bros. Comic-Con Panel Announced – Which Superhero Movies Will We See?

    Warner Bros. is officially coming to Comic-Con next month, and we’ll likely see sneak peeks of their upcoming slate of superhero movies.

    (39) by Jeremy Owens
  • ‘Batman’ Solo Movie Rumor: Ben Affleck To Direct For 2018 Release

    Rumor has it Ben Affleck will direct a solo Batman movie for release in 2018, after he debuts as Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman v Superman’.

    (107) by Gregg Katzman
  • 5 Movie Reboots That Surprised Everyone

    Not all movie reboots are proof that Hollywood is running out of ideas. Here are 5 great franchise reboots that pleasantly surprised us.

    (51) by Chris Agar
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (Launch Trailer)

    The ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ launch day trailer shows off the epic battle between Batman, villains, and the mysterious Arkham Knight.

    (18) by Kofi Outlaw
  • ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Earns Rave Reviews; Collector’s Edition Canceled

    Early reviews for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ are in, describing the game as a stunning and satisfying conclusion to the ‘Arkham’ series.

    (28) by Sean Reed
  • Celebrities Play ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ in New Video

    To prove ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ delivers thrills for every gamer, Wiz Khalifa, Minka Kelly and more try the game for themselves.

    (3) by Andrew Dyce
  • First ‘Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicle’ Follows Vampire Batman

    The first episode of ‘Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles’ sends a vampire Batman after Harley Quinn, with bloody results.

    (13) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Decisions That Ruined Movies

    Sometimes, an entire film can be derailed by a single idea that made sense at the time. Here’s our list of decisions that ruined movies.

    (173) by Chris Agar
  • Rumor Patrol: How Kryptonite May Be Used In ‘Batman V Superman’

    A new ‘Batman V Superman’ rumor explains how the Dark Knight may win the fight – a secret already revealed in the first trailer.

    (62) by Andrew Dyce