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  • 10 Best Star Wars Parodies

    With over 13 hours of film and a really, really devoted fanbase, the Star Wars saga is ripe for parody. Here are 10 Star Wars roasts we love to watch.

    (6) by M. Carter
  • Top 10 Parody Films

    In honor of ‘A Haunted House’ we’re counting down some of the best films the parody sub-genre has to offer.

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  • The 25 Most Awesome Movie Weapons Of All Time

    There are many memorable weapons in the history of cinema. We’ve selected the top 25 movie weapons and put them in order just for you. Commence firing…

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  • Mike Myers Officially In For ‘Austin Powers 4′

    After nearly a decade, Mike Myers will reprise the role of Austin Powers in a fourth franchise installment. Who else will return for Austin Powers 4?

    (275) by Rob Keyes
  • Our 20 Favorite Movie Robots

    With the release of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ we’ve decided to compile a list of our 20 favorite (and we think, most memorable) robots in movie history.

    (126) by Mike Eisenberg
  • Is Austin Powers 4 On Its Way?

    It really didn’t surprise me when I learned that Mike Myers and co-writer Mike McCullers were officially working on the script for a 4th Austin…

    (21) by Heath McKnight