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  • Arrow Producer Says Constantine’s Tattoo Will Save Oliver

    Fans have been wondering how Arrow’s Oliver Queen would use the tattoo he got from John Constantine in Haunted. Is it almost time to find out?

    (14) by John Casteele
  • Arrow/Flash Crossover Promo Features Superhero Banter

    A new promo from New Zealand has appeared online, showing off some banter between The Flash’s Barry Allen and Arrow’s Oliver Queen.

    (13) by John Casteele
  • Arrow: David Ramsey Speculates As To Who Is In The Grave

    David Ramsey (John Diggle) theorizes about whose grave Oliver Queen was mourning over in the Arrow season 4 premiere.

    (37) by Andy L. Kubai
  • Arrow Season 4 Casts Tom Amandes as The Calculator

    Tom Amandes (Everwood) has joined the cast of Arrow as The Calculator, who will play a role in Roy Harper’s (Colton Haynes) return to the show.

    (7) by Molly Freeman
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Trailer: I Don’t Just Burn, Pal

    The CW has released the latest trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, featuring a closer look at the heroes and villains of the new series.

    (59) by Agustin Guerrero
  • New Arrow/Flash Crossover Trailer Reveals Hawkgirl Backstory

    Get a closer look at DC’s Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Vandal Savage in this extended trailer for the upcoming Arrow/Flash crossover episode.

    (11) by Jason Hamilton
  • Arrow Season 4: Colton Haynes to Return as Roy Harper

    Colton Haynes has confirmed via social media that his character, Roy Harper, will make a return to Star City during season 4 of Arrow.

    (29) by Conner Schwerdtfeger
  • Arrow Goes For the Resurrection Hat Trick

    Oliver’s mayoral campaign kicks into high gear in a surprisingly action-packed place-setting episode of Arrow.

    (33) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Arrow/Flash Crossover Trailers: Heroes Join Forces

    Hawkgirl spreads her wings in a new promo for Arrow and The Flash’s upcoming two part crossover event.

    (19) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • 10 Times Women Were the True Heroes of Arrow

    Let’s take a look at some of the women of The CW’s Arrow to see how they hold up against their male counterparts in the heroism department!

    (3) by Jennifer Stasak
  • Arrow/Flash Crossover Image Shows Hawkman & Hawkgirl in Chains

    A new image from the upcoming Arrow/Flash crossover shows Hawkman and Hawkgirl apparently captured and in chains.

    (29) by Alice Walker
  • Arrow/Flash Crossover Synopses Reveal Legends of Tomorrow Connection

    The plot summaries for the upcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover episodes reveals how the two-parter sets up DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

    (23) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Arrow Gets A Little Help From His Friends

    In a packed episode, Arrow welcomes back several characters but scrambles to have enough time for all of them.

    (39) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Arrow/Flash Crossover: First Look at the Full Superhero Team

    Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim released the first image from the show’s crossover with The Flash, which is only three weeks away.

    (52) by Molly Freeman
  • Constantine: Fans Petition for Show to Continue on a New Network

    Fans petition for the return of the Hellblazer himself (Matt Ryan) and his TV show, Constantine, on a new network such as The CW or Netflix.

    (40) by Jason Hamilton
  • Supergirl & Other DC Shows May Not Arrive on Netflix & Hulu For Years

    Time Warner is considering extending the period of time between the air date of DC shows like Supergirl and when they are added to Netflix.

    (60) by Alice Walker
  • Arrow & Constantine Experience a Spiritual Crisis

    John Constantine stops by Star City to help Oliver out with a problem that’s best described as a spiritual crisis.

    (43) by Kevin Yeoman
  • Who Did It Better? 17 Superhero Casting Decisions

    When two actors play the same superhero, who comes out on top? Read on for 17 characters who have been played by multiple actors.

    (170) by Rose Moore
  • The Best Nerdy Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2015

    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Neil Patrick Harris as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and many more: check out the best celebrity costumes we saw this Halloween.

    (13) by H. Shaw-Williams
  • Arrow Season 4: Paul Blackthorne Discusses Lance’s Darhk Turn

    In an exclusive interview, we catch up with Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne on what’s coming up for Star City’s Captain Lance in season 4.

    (5) by Merrill Barr