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  • ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ TV Series Casts Its Co-Leads

    The ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ TV series has found its two young co-starring alongside Bruce Campbell’s Ash in the Sam Raimi-produced series.

    (24) by Sarah Moran
  • ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Sequel Probably Dead

    With talk of Sam Raimi developing a TV series from the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise, it seems a sequel to the remake is dead.

    (32) by Molly Freeman
  • ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series to Star Bruce Campbell (If It Happens)

    Bruce Campbell reveals that ‘the plan’ is for him to star in the recently announced ‘Evil Dead’ TV show from Sam Raimi.

    (20) by Anthony Vieira
  • Now You’re Thinking with Portals: Our 10 Favorite World-Hopping Movies

    ‘Thor: The Dark World’ features jumping between the various alternate worlds of the Marvel Universe. Here are a few more of Screen Rant’s favorite movies about stepping through a portal and into another universe.

    (20) by Kyle Hembree
  • Bruce Campbell Says Talk of ‘Army of Darkness 2′ Is ‘Internet B.S.’

    Despite saying last month that he would be reprising his role as Ash in ‘Army of Darkness 2,’ Bruce Campbell is now saying that talk of the ‘Evil Dead’ sequel is ‘internet B.S.’

    (27) by Ben Moore
  • 7 Favorite ‘Chosen One’ Movie Heroes

    To coincide with the release of ‘Ender’s Game,’ we have compiled a list of seven of our favorite ‘chosen one’ movie heroes.

    (35) by Chris Agar