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  • 10 Movies That Stole Their Sets From Other Films

    You won’t believe how many of your favorite movies reused the same iconic sets and locations – and you’ll never miss them again!

    (15) by Andrew Dyce
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Spider-Man Reboot

    With (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb being selected as the man in charge of helming the Spider-Man reboot, one of the first and…

    (32) by Rob Keyes
  • Summer 2009: The Season Of Bad Movies [Updated]

    Well, the summer movie season is officially over, and while box office earnings are way up, it seems like the quality of the films have…

    (60) by Heath McKnight
  • Today We’re Totally Crushing On: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    The last time we were “Crushing On” someone, it was Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) from the Harry Potter films. The “Crushing On” series focuses on…

    (14) by Paul Young
  • (500) Days of Summer: A Smart Romantic Comedy

    Believe or not there are some people in the world that HAVEN’T seen Transformers 2. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe – especially with…

    (18) by Paul Young