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  • Super 8

    ‘Super 8′ Review

    With ‘Super 8′, J.J. Abrams pays homage to kid adventure and sci-fi mystery films of the ’70s and ’80s. But is the movie everything that viewers hope or expect it to be?

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago88 Comments

  • Bridesmaids

    ‘Bridesmaids’ Review

    Is ‘Bridesmaids’ a chick flick targeted at men? Or is it a raunchy R-rated comedy aimed at women? The answer is: It’s both.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago87 Comments

  • The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

    ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ Review

    ‘POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ is one of the smartest, most twisted and fun documentaries in years.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago41 Comments

  • Hanna

    ‘Hanna’ Review

    ‘Hanna’ re-imagines the classic princess fairytale as a spy-action odyssey, which is bolstered by a great cast, stylish direction, and a thumping soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago47 Comments

  • The Lincoln Lawyer

    ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Review

    Matthew McConaughey does a fine job in legal thriller ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ – an overall solid and entertaining film.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago21 Comments

  • The Adjustment Bureau

    The Adjustment Bureau Review

    ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ is not an ‘Inception’-style thriller as its ads suggest, but its blend of romance, humor, and contemplative science-fiction make for a very enjoyable movie.

    by Rob Frappier | 4 years ago40 Comments

  • True Grit

    True Grit Review

    ‘True Grit’ stands as a testament to the fact that apparently it IS possible to produce an excellent remake of a classic and beloved film.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago92 Comments

  • Unstoppable

    ‘Unstoppable’ Review

    With the help of Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, director Tony Scott once again tackles drama on a train with a retro vibe in ‘Unstoppable.’

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago40 Comments

  • 127 Hours

    127 Hours Review

    Danny Boyle’s ’127 Hours’ stars James Franco in the gripping real-life account of climber Aron Ralston’s struggle to survive after his arm is trapped under a boulder.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago23 Comments

  • Hereafter

    ‘Hereafter’ Review

    ‘Hereafter’ may not be the sci-fi drama that some moviegoers were expecting – but it’s a worthy character drama with great performances that address life’s greatest mystery.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago94 Comments

  • Paranormal Activity 2

    Paranormal Activity 2 Review

    While ‘Paranormal Activity 2′ is in many ways similar to the first film, it doesn’t just go through the motions with a different set of people – and manages to feel different while also feeling familiar.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago207 Comments

  • Secretariat

    Secretariat Review

    Does ‘Secretariat’ have the horse power to deliver a compelling film even though audiences already know the ending? Check out our review and find out.

    by Paul Young | 4 years ago36 Comments

  • Buried

    Buried Review

    Director Rodrigo Cortés and star Ryan Reynolds have delivered one of the most ambitious concept films of the year. But does ‘Buried’ get mired under the weight of those ambitions?

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago80 Comments

  • ‘Inside Job’ Review

    ‘Inside Job’ Review

    ‘Inside Job’ is a documentary that every American should watch – a film that pierces the veil of partisan politics to examine the root causes of the 2008 global economic crisis.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago12 Comments

  • The Town

    ‘The Town’ Review

    ‘The Town’ is a must-see crime thriller which proves yet again that Ben Affleck is a talented director who is somewhere on the verge of greatness.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago55 Comments

  • I'm Still Here

    I’m Still Here Review

    I’m Still Here is an unpredictable descent into madness that will keep you captivated. Whether it is real or not is beside the point.

    by Mike Eisenberg | 5 years ago27 Comments

  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3 Review

    ‘Toy Story 3′ is a funny, touching and most excellent farewell to the characters we’ve come to know and love.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago83 Comments

  • The A-Team

    The A-Team Review

    So is ‘The A-Team’ another Summer 2010 movie dud, or the escapist popcorn movie you’ve been craving? Read on and find out…

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago84 Comments

  • Splice

    ‘Splice’ Review

    While it’s certainly not for everyone, ‘Splice’ is the creepiest movie to come out so far this year – and one of the better ones as well.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago68 Comments

  • [REC] 2 Review

    [REC] 2 Review

    Although ‘[REC] 2′ isn’t as good as the first film, it’s still a well-made, often terrifying and always suspenseful horror film you should definitely check out.

    by Ross Miller | 5 years ago12 Comments

  • Kick-Ass

    Kick-Ass Review

    You’re going to be hearing this over and over for months to come, but Kick-Ass simply kicks ass. ‘Nuff said.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago81 Comments

  • How To Train Your Dragon

    How to Train Your Dragon Review

    How to Train Your Dragon is family-friendly, funny, touching, entertaining, and may be the best animated film Dreamworks has made to date.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago60 Comments

  • The Crazies

    ‘The Crazies’ Review

    Is ‘The Crazies’ just another schlock horror movie – or something really worth checking out? Find out here…

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago33 Comments

  • Avatar

    Avatar Review

    Does James Cameron’s Avatar movie live up to all the hype and expectations? We’ll tell you.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago328 Comments

  • Up in the Air

    Up In The Air Review

    Up In The Air is a well-crafted and very timely piece of cinema. A sure contender in the coming Awards Season.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago22 Comments

  • The Road

    The Road Review

    The Road taps the power, beauty and horror of Cormac McCarthy’s novel and gives us a movie that is both gorgeous and gut-wrenching.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago70 Comments

  • The House of the Devil

    The House of the Devil Review

    Short Version: Ti West’s The House of the Devil is an agonizingly suspenseful and genuinely creepy homage to 1980s horror that hits nearly all the…

    by Rob Frappier | 5 years ago6 Comments

  • Where the Wild Things Are

    Where The Wild Things Are Review

    Where the Wild Things Are is a beautifully done film that kids may not appreciate.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago33 Comments

  • Zombieland

    Zombieland Review

    If you love an over the top comedy AND gory zombie movies you’re in luck – Zombieland was made for you.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago48 Comments

  • 9

    ’9′ Review

    While ’9′ may not be suitable for younger children, it is a visually impressive film well worth checking out.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago24 Comments

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds Review

    Tarantino returns with Inglourious Basterds – is it up to his old standards or as bad as Death Proof?

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago77 Comments

  • District 9

    District 9 Review

    Find out why District 9 is destined to be an instant Sci-Fi classic.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago157 Comments

  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince might be the best Harry Potter film yet.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago147 Comments

  • Moon

    Moon Review

    ‘Moon’ is a Sci-Fi film unlike any you’ve seen before. Find out if it’s for you – or not.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 6 years ago54 Comments

  • The Hangover

    The Hangover Review

    Is ‘The Hangover’ stupid, funny, or a combination of both? Find out in our review.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago36 Comments

  • Drag Me to Hell

    Drag Me To Hell Review

    Has Sam Raimi lost his low budget, horror-comedy mojo? Find out in our review of Drag Me to Hell.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago38 Comments

  • Star Trek

    Star Trek Review

    Will you like the new Star Trek movie even if you’re not a geek?

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago2,845 Comments

  • State of Play

    State Of Play Review

    Short version: State of Play is a classy, old fashioned newspaper movie with strong performances and no CGI. Screen Rant’s Niall Browne reviews State of…

    by Niall Browne | 6 years ago17 Comments

  • Watchmen Review

    Watchmen Review

    Is Watchmen as awful as reviewers say or as awesome as bloggers claim? The answer lies somewhere in between.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago188 Comments

  • Taken Review

    Taken Review

    Is ‘Taken’ worth checking out or should you avoid it? Find out in our review.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago55 Comments

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review

    Short Version: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a technical masterpiece that plays like a dream in motion – but it’s a dream that…

    by Kofi Outlaw | 6 years ago14 Comments

  • Revolutionary Road Review

    Revolutionary Road Review

    Short version: If you’re looking for an intense, character-driven movie, Revolutionary Road delivers big time. Screen Rant reviews Revolutionary Road Revolutionary Road is an obvious…

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago16 Comments

  • The Midnight Meat Train Review

    The Midnight Meat Train Review

    Short version: The Midnight Meat Train fulfills expectations in the gore department, but completely surprises by providing a solid story as well. Screen Rant reviews…

    by Bruce Simmons | 6 years ago12 Comments

  • Quantum Of Solace Review

    Quantum Of Solace Review

    Our early review will tell you whether Quantum of Solace is better than Casino Royale.

    by Niall Browne | 6 years ago63 Comments

  • Body of Lies Review

    Body of Lies Review

    Leonardo DiCaprio stands out in Ridley Scott’s intense ‘Body of Lies’

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago25 Comments

  • Towelhead Review

    Towelhead Review

    Short version: Towelhead manages to balance humor and drama in this cautionary tale of a 13 year old girl’s burgeoning sexuality. Like many films shown…

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago57 Comments

  • Tropic Thunder Review

    Tropic Thunder Review

    Screen Rant reviews Tropic Thunder.

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago32 Comments

  • The Dark Knight IMAX Review

    The Dark Knight IMAX Review

    Is the Dark Knight as great as everyone says? Of course it is.

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago122 Comments

  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

    Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

    Should you go see Hellboy II: The Golden Army?

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago31 Comments

  • Wall-E Review

    Wall-E Review

    Wall-E was certainly good, but overall not Pixar’s best work

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago92 Comments