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  • 14 Ways New Movies Reimagine Old Myths

    From Mount Olympus to Ancient Egypt to Asgard, ancient stories become modern classics. Movies like Gods of Egypt make everything old look new again.

    by Margaret Maurer
  • Zack Snyder Wants to Take 300 Sequels Beyond Ancient Greece

    Zack Snyder has ideas for new 300 sequels, but they involve a major relocation from the ancient Greece setting of the first two films.

    (44) by John Casteele
  • 11 Best Inspirational Pep Talks In Movies

    The pen may be mightier than the sword, but a good speech or pep talk in a movie is more powerful than any villain, deadlier…

    by Tim Butters
  • 10 Movies You Won’t Believe Are Based on REAL Stories

    Movies usually advertise it when they’re based on a true story, but the real tales behind these films are almost impossible to believe.

    (9) by Andrew Dyce
  • 10 Best Comic Book Movies Ever Made

    Superheroes may rule the box office, but our list of the best comic book movies to date shows you don’t need a cape to win over critics.

    (130) by Chris Agar
  • The 10 Greatest Chairs in TV & Film History

    Heroes and villains are all well and good, but what if their furniture is even more iconic? Check out our favorite movie and TV chairs to see what we’re on about.

    (33) by Andrew Dyce
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ – SR Underground Ep. 134

    We review ‘300: Rise of an Empire,’ discuss the ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ trailer, the casting of young Bruce Wayne in the Gotham TV series, and more!

    (36) by Ben Kendrick
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Spoilers Discussion

    Want to talk about ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ without worrying about spoiling the movie for others? This is the place!

    (35) by Ben Kendrick
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Review

    It may not court casual moviegoers as easily as its predecessor, but Murro succeeds at delivering a 300 sequel that fans will enjoy watching.

    (38) by Ben Kendrick
  • Zack Snyder Criticizes Gilliam’s ‘Watchmen’ Ending, Questions Fanboy Influence

    Zack Snyder responds to claims that Terry Gilliam’s ‘Watchmen’ movie ending was better, and addresses the role of fanboys in superhero movie making.

    (84) by Kofi Outlaw
  • New ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Featurette: Themistocles Fights For His Country

    The latest ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ featurette lets audiences get to know Athenian general Themistocles (played by Sullivan Stapleton).

    (5) by Andy Crump
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Extended TV Trailer – Breathe Each Breath as If It Were Your Last

    An extended TV trailer for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ has been released. Will this part-prequel/part-sequel be a worthwhile followup to the first film?

    (16) by Casey Cipriani
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Featurette Introduces Its Villains

    A new featurette for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ lets audiences get to know its two villains, Artemisia and Xerxes, in a bit more depth.

    (17) by Andy Crump
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Trailer #2: Eva Green’s Armada vs. Lena Headey’s Army

    The second U.S. trailer for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ reveals more stylized action and story details from the ‘300’ prequel/sequel.

    (18) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ International Trailer: The Battle at Sea Begins

    The international trailer for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ is a shortened recut of the U.S. trailer for the film, which takes place before, after and during the events portrayed in Zack Snyder’s ‘300’.

    (19) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Comic-Con 2013 Posters: ‘Godzilla’, ‘300’, ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Seventh Son’

    The 2013 International Comic-Con is about to start; in celebration, we’ve rounded up the latest character one-sheets for movies featured at the ‘Con.

    (17) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Legendary to Present ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Seventh Son’ at Comic-Con 2013 [Updated]

    Legendary plans to feature the upcoming ‘Godzilla’ reboot and ‘The Seventh Son’ adaptation at the studio’s 2013 Comic-Con panel.

    (10) by Sandy Schaefer
  • ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ Trailer and Poster – The Sea Will Run Red with Blood

    Watch the ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ trailer, for a sneak peek at the sequel/prequel to the bloody swords and sandals epic ‘300’.

    (67) by Sandy Schaefer
  • New Release Dates for the ‘300’ Spinoff, ‘All You Need Is Kill’, and ‘A Million Ways…’

    We have new release dates for ‘300: Rise of an Empire’, the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie ‘All You Need Is Kill’ and director Seth MacFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’.

    (8) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, ‘Croods’ & ‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequels and More

    Nathan Fillion wants to play a Marvel villain; Eva Green in ‘300: Rise of an Empire'; ‘Transcendence’ adds to its cast, and ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘The Croods’ get sequels.

    (35) by Anthony Taormina