Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Sym-Bionic Titan’ Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

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sym bionic titan has been canceled Genndy Tartakovskys Sym Bionic Titan Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

Genndy Tartakovsky has been responsible for some of the best, most creative, and most iconic animated series of the past two decades, including Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (you know, before it was CGI).

Most recently, Tartakovsky created Sym-Bionic Titan, an animated series about an alien princess, her bodyguard, and their robot, sent to Earth disguised as American high school students to escape the war ravaging their home planet. Frankly, it’s a fantastic show, which is why it deeply saddens me to learn that it has not been renewed.

According to a “Cartoon Networker” who spoke to the TAG Blog:

“Genddy’s moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn’t have enough toys connected to it. If you don’t have the [toy sales], the studios don’t want to renew for another season.”

Sym-Bionic Titan is a hilarious, action-packed, and beautifully-rendered homage to anime such as Voltron and Castle in the Sky and 1980s John Hughes films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. (There’s even an episode entirely dedicated to satirizing The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.) Though the action and adventure portions of the show would appeal to animation fans, young and old, the humor is geared toward teenagers, as well as twenty-somethings and above – hence the obvious jokes at the expense of shows like Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries.

Check out an awesome clip below:

I think it goes without saying that, if this turns out to be true, Cartoon Network has made a massive mistake. So what if Titan doesn’t have enough toys for the merchandise-addicted children of America to purchase? And so what if the show’s ratings weren’t particularly amazing to start? Let it breathe! Let it grow! Produce more toys, if you must! Advertise this show to those adults who watched Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack when they were kids. Genndy Tartakovsky is a brand name unto himself, and it’s a shame that Cartoon Network cannot comprehend that. Which is to say, if this turns out to be true.

For fans heartbroken about the rumored cancellation, myself included, keep in mind – Cartoon Network hasn’t officially canceled the show as of yet. That said, they haven’t renewed it either, and with a full series slate next year that includes Green Lantern: The Animated Series, DC Nation (a show that spotlights various DC Comics properties), the Thundercats remake, Level Up, How to Train Your Dragon, The Looney Tunes Show, and more, it’s looking more and more likely that this top-notch series is doomed.

sym bionic titan poster Genndy Tartakovskys Sym Bionic Titan Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

One of the rumors, though entirely unconfirmed, is that Tartakovsky has moved on to direct Hotel Transylvania at Sony Pictures Animation, an animated film utilizing the classic movie monsters of yore (Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, et cetera).

If true, I’ve suddenly become interested in Hotel Transylvania.

Sym-Bionic Titan airs the last two episodes of the season – and probably the series – on April 2nd and April 9th @9:30AM on Cartoon Network.

Source: TAG Blog [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Seriously that show had an amazing story line it shouldn’t end the way it did leaving every viewer on the edge of their seats

  2. What the?! I mean this is the most awesome show I’ve ever seen. This can’t be it? I need to know what happened next, we need to know if you know what I mean. Cartoon Network, you’ve made one of the biggest mistakes there is.

  3. I think it’s a great show and should be returned

  4. Frankly, this is why Cartoon Network has just become horrendous. It’s full of merchandise and nothing about the show. How much merchandise do any CN have that isn’t some horrible toy that is just a huge waste of money? They canceled all the shows that made Cartoon Network a good thing and turned it into a repeat of Pokemon and unoriginal humorousness Ben 10 Omniverse. This was a huge mistake to cancel this show. Bring it back!

  5. I really like this show. It pissed me off when they stop showing it. I hope the creators continue to make it and put it on DVD/Blue Ray. They should continue to shop this around to other networks.

    Seriously, there should be another network dedicated to Anime all day so artist can get exposure. Cartoon network blows big time. I hope they put it on HULU Plus or something.

  6. Well i think it’s FULL-O-BULL that they cancelled this. (Obvious due to my past posts) I hope Genndy Continues it on another channel if not CN. If he does CN is a ****load of **** anyways.

    • Yeah I agree Deathreaper baby!

      Gendy obviously made the decision to move on to bigger and
      better things involving animated movies and a better pay deal!
      I don’t think this is just CN’s decision alone!

      “My Eagle’s hands are clean”

  7. hi,guys!!!…again after long time:)…in my absence confirms something many people had said before: CN did not much publicity of SBT CN the only series that has a lot of publicity is Ben 10 (it is the only one advertising here in my country) also the first time I saw titan was in one pass through the channels because though I watched CN only once saw a publicity for Titan, also say this because of all the people I know only one of my cousins ​​saw titan and all other or knew what was that, but the point I’m getting at is that if CN will not do publicity for titan then maybe we have to do it I mean not toys or things of that nature but maybe show the world what is titan, let’s show all those unfamiliar titan for now is our best means of internet do some publicity for titan Genndy’s show that your project has more future than he thinks.
    if you need to meet more people who can help people with influence in the middle or they can do some promotional videos but it’s time to let the world know titan…IT’S TIME TO TITAN COMES BACK!!!!
    CN has tried to eliminate any youtube titan episode has tried to erase but CN titan “will silence us, may take away part of the hope we have in titan but will not give up until you’ve tried everything …”


  9. I wish this show was still on air

  10. Seriously, This storyline had a lot of potential and who knows where it may have led to (perhaps to the big screen, if following was large enough). The storyline of Symbionic Titan was really a well developed storyline. Like one of the commentators had stated, it would really be great if the creator had put the complete story onto dvd. I really enjoyed this series. If toy merchandising was such an issue, Cartoon Network could have come up with a cooperative plan instead of trashing such a fantastic anime series.

      • Dude, seriously, posting the same freaking thing over and over again is pretty annoying and gets old. Let people post about how they miss the show and then YOU move on. Ever person on here doesn’t need some weird comment from you about the obvious situation regarding this show. Going around saying “move on” and “it’s time we close up shop on this topic people” seriously makes you come off as a tool.

        We get it! It’s not coming back! Thanks Captain Freaking Obvious! Or should we call you Captain Quotes A Lot?

        How pretentious can one human being be?!

  11. First time I saw this show I was like what the heck is this? But I started to like it. :)

  12. One day I was flipping through the channels and I saw this amazing cartoon playing. I instantly got hooked with the beautifully animated features and the story line. I love this cartoon! Please bring it back!

    • Its sad Tommy.
      But the reality of the situation is;

      Its Not coming back sad as that is for many people.

      “I left for a Pretzel but came back with a Bagel”

  13. It really saddened me to hear that..I absolutely loved this show and was one of the few shows I actually watched. It was like being a kid again waking up on the weekend to watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoon. I really hope they renew for the next season, I would’ve bought them on DVD. It would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

  14. Yes,Yes Its sad,unfortunate,not fair etc and son but reality
    cannot be altered so lets embrace what was Sym Bionic Titan and
    remember it for what it was knowing that some where in the Twilight Zone
    it plays on and on!

    ‘I come here for the Danish “

  15. I know it may sound crazy, but I think Sym Bionic has a chance of returning if fans keep on making noise about it. CN has a bad habit of canceling good shows for stupid ones.

    • This time it was more due to the fact that Genddy’s team fell apart and they couldn’t produce many episodes. But the main cause of CN’s cancellation fever is bad management. It seems to have been reduced, but 2009 will forever go down as the year the network almost hung itself out to dry.

  16. I know it may sound crazy, but I think Sym Bionic has a chance of returning if fans keep on making noise about it. CN has a bad habit of canceling good shows.

    • Yes , Yes very sad but Genndy Tartakovsky has moved on and produced his animated movie so Titan is but a mention on his animation resume’ so
      that’s the fact so best to move on with your life and keep Titan in
      a warm place in your Heart

      • I know cofee at midnight does taste good but back to the topic

      • cn has really gone down with all these new shows. The story line is horrible, and the animation is crappy. they should have just stuck with sbt. it was one of the best shows on cn. the people who work at the cn are retards. ok maybe they didn’t have enough merchandise, so what it was still a good show. they should just get rid of all that other s*** on cn and start airing sbt again. your all dumbasses.

  17. at least it is on toonami on adult swim

  18. Is there any way it is coming back on ME GOTTA KNOW

    • Genndy has just finished Hotel Transylvania and probably about to start or already has started the next season of Clone Wars. So once that’s done he might be able to go back to Sony and do the next season of Titan. Sony own the rights to Titan so they control it ultimately unless Genndy buys the rights back off Sony.
      Im sure Sony knows the value of Titan as does CN but…CN won’t re-run re-runs forever. The stars must align for Genndy to be able to control the rights of Titan so as CN will play more Titan. It’s possible and i’d imagine that it’s a real cross to bear for Genndy to not “legally” own one of his greatest creations.

  19. Thanks Dan

  20. I heard that after he makes the new season of clone wars he will buy the rights off sony and hopefully make not one but more seasons to come

    • Hopefully Sony are not a-holes about it and don’t charge the earth for it.

      • ‘Hopefully Sony are not a-holes about it and don’t charge the earth for it.” Why Not ? and why are they a-holes if they demand a fair price?
        This is business not a tea party!

        “it’s a real cross to bear for Genndy to not “legally” own one of his greatest creations.” Again the big deal is??
        Genndy sold the rights to Sony ,moved to Sony,made his movie and will make more Clone Wars!! Hmmm sounds like he is rocking and rolling with his career/business so I don’t think he would be sad at all and most likely he is quite financial and looking forward to more success with his skills in animation/direction.
        Go Gennsy!!!

    • Exactly!! As I said,
      business is business,winners are grinners!!
      The rest can do as they please!

      “Remembering those who finished lifes journey in 2012!
      we won’t forget you or your impact on who we are”

  21. Gahhh, so pissed! Forreal someone start a petition and I’ll sign the hell out of that.

  22. wow… you guys are back in play again huh… its been a while… but i accepted the fact that Titan wont play again.. and if its does… i will watch it! But i think that this doesn’t depend on us… it depends on the producer… and creator. UNLESS SOME OF YOU HAVE LOADS OF MONEY… and can produce it themselves :)

    • As I said Kotios, Business is business and the decisions around Sym Bionic Titan are made on that basis! Why do you think the rights were sold in the first place? Genndy would have feelings for every thing he produces but he still has to generate the cash to achieve his goals!

      The more successful he is the more chance he has to control his own destiny and his creations! He will probably surprise us all with a feature length movie of Sym Bionic Titan!

      • i am not so sure… but if he does, good! :D

      • Sorry Duncan but all of what you are saying is just speculation and the “business is business” line is just a vague summation.

        Can you show me where it is evident that Genndy ever actually owned the rights to Titan?

        Furthermore, can you show evidence that Genndy needs to pay for the production of animations that he is employed to do? Are you saying that Genndy sold Titan to sony so he could pay for the production of Hotel Trans or the next season of clone wars? It just doesn’t make sense and there is no way the production houses would make Genndy pay for creating something which he is signed up to do for them as a paid profession.

        • Yes, I can see where your coming from Dan because I drove a four door vague summation because I found the two door vague summation had little power or substance so I stuck with its bigger relative!

          As for Genndy and the rights thngo and him being a paid professional and such ,yes I bow to your greater knowledge on such things and acknowledge he was probably a poor vagrant who learn’t his skills form the back of cereal boxes and the great animator vagrant legends of Dumpster alley!(distant relation to termite terrace)

          He obviously wandered around the Cut Price CA castle and managed to get some of his Pizza Box scriblings accepted by them until they could not afford the cost of used pizza boxes so they sent him back to the street to start again!

          Then of course as in all great tales he was discovered by a Lord Of Sony who was impressed with his mud animations and took him under his wing to the mystical land of fulfilled dreams and there he dwells to this day!

          Yes Dan,
          You have it all worked out and I bow to you sir!

          ” We remember those who were left forever in 2012″

          • Quite pretentious aren’t you duncan?…thank you though, you’ve just confirmed my suspicions about your character.

            • Reminds me of people I knew when I was 14.

      • there doesnt need to be a movie. they just need to kick start the show again.

    • BURNED… apply cold water to burned area…
      Where is Anita anw? We had pretty good conversations when she used to be here every single day…

      • Brave heart Kotios ! The world will keep turning and the sun will
        rise tomorrow On Screen Rant without the sugar coating!

        Lets not forget that Sym bionic Titan is a beautiful piece of writing with interesting animation created by an obviously skilled animator/director who has brought joy to many people with his talent and that must not be forgotten in all this opinionated noise!

        I am reminded of this quote by the Legendary Jack Kirby;

        “Once we’ve learned enough about the universe we will admit to ourselves that we will never know everything.”
        ― Jack Kirby

        Nuff said

        Keep well Kotios and stay strong

        ” I remember Claudia Jade who never made it out of 2007″

        • If you don’t make a comment with a quote, does your keyboard zap you or something?

          • Hey Dude,
            Chilllllllllllllllll out before you blow a fuse!

            • Buddy, buddy, buddy.

              Nobody is blowing fuses here. I think a number of us are confused by why your so pretentious and weird.

              • This matter was settled three weeks ago when Kotsios brought up points about my postings here and I agreed with him and let it go. Then you made a comment on a posting from a month ago after I had taken the advice from Kotsios and stopped posting.
                Got a little crazy on this thread(not my normal approach) so I apologize to everyone for my craziness and will get the sanity back into my postings from now on.

  23. aaaa why is my name kotios?? it’s kotsios! Anyway dude i don’t even know why you are talking in such a formal way… Here it’s the internet! No one knows who you are… or what you do! Talk more casualty! Try it it’s FUN! But back to this site main theme! Titan isn’t coming back… i don’t know when you saw the series and then you searched for season 2 but i have been in this site for over a year… i think from day one maybe! Accept that it’s off and move on.. life is the longest thing you can do! Enjoy it bro!

    • OK, I take your points and will loosen up my postings and move on
      from Titan and enjoy life more!

      Thanks for the advice Kotios and you have a great 2013!

  24. AAAARGHHHH fkn keyboard… typed my name wrong again…! this is my true screen name ok?? KOTSIOS!!! damn it!

    • Doh!! Sorry, I got your name wrong in my latest post My apologies Kotsios.

      • no its not your fault… i wrote kotios by mistake i forgot the S! its my mistake!

  25. Bring back Sym-Bionic Titan! If not on CN then at least on Toonami or just continue it separately as a anime/cartoon.

    • yeah TOONAMI ROCKS….