Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Sym-Bionic Titan’ Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

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sym bionic titan has been canceled Genndy Tartakovskys Sym Bionic Titan Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

Genndy Tartakovsky has been responsible for some of the best, most creative, and most iconic animated series of the past two decades, including Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (you know, before it was CGI).

Most recently, Tartakovsky created Sym-Bionic Titan, an animated series about an alien princess, her bodyguard, and their robot, sent to Earth disguised as American high school students to escape the war ravaging their home planet. Frankly, it’s a fantastic show, which is why it deeply saddens me to learn that it has not been renewed.

According to a “Cartoon Networker” who spoke to the TAG Blog:

“Genddy’s moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn’t have enough toys connected to it. If you don’t have the [toy sales], the studios don’t want to renew for another season.”

Sym-Bionic Titan is a hilarious, action-packed, and beautifully-rendered homage to anime such as Voltron and Castle in the Sky and 1980s John Hughes films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. (There’s even an episode entirely dedicated to satirizing The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.) Though the action and adventure portions of the show would appeal to animation fans, young and old, the humor is geared toward teenagers, as well as twenty-somethings and above – hence the obvious jokes at the expense of shows like Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries.

Check out an awesome clip below:

I think it goes without saying that, if this turns out to be true, Cartoon Network has made a massive mistake. So what if Titan doesn’t have enough toys for the merchandise-addicted children of America to purchase? And so what if the show’s ratings weren’t particularly amazing to start? Let it breathe! Let it grow! Produce more toys, if you must! Advertise this show to those adults who watched Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack when they were kids. Genndy Tartakovsky is a brand name unto himself, and it’s a shame that Cartoon Network cannot comprehend that. Which is to say, if this turns out to be true.

For fans heartbroken about the rumored cancellation, myself included, keep in mind – Cartoon Network hasn’t officially canceled the show as of yet. That said, they haven’t renewed it either, and with a full series slate next year that includes Green Lantern: The Animated Series, DC Nation (a show that spotlights various DC Comics properties), the Thundercats remake, Level Up, How to Train Your Dragon, The Looney Tunes Show, and more, it’s looking more and more likely that this top-notch series is doomed.

sym bionic titan poster Genndy Tartakovskys Sym Bionic Titan Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

One of the rumors, though entirely unconfirmed, is that Tartakovsky has moved on to direct Hotel Transylvania at Sony Pictures Animation, an animated film utilizing the classic movie monsters of yore (Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, et cetera).

If true, I’ve suddenly become interested in Hotel Transylvania.

Sym-Bionic Titan airs the last two episodes of the season – and probably the series – on April 2nd and April 9th @9:30AM on Cartoon Network.

Source: TAG Blog [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. A week of no comments O_o anyways if anyone knows if the titan is going to be continued please tell me

    • Keep the faith brothers for Titan shall rise like liviathan fromm the depths of the ocean and all shall acknowledge the greatness that is sym Bionic Titan!!!!!
      WE will Not Surrender nor Be Defeated In Our Quest
      To Keep Alive The Glory That Is Sym Bionic Titan!!!


      #Eagle Hands Laundries where only clean clothes Fly!

  2. I felt sorry about his illness, I just hope you feel better now … I too have been away, I doing a project with two friends and, well, it’s a long story. My SBT project has been delayed a bit but tomorrow I will ask permission to show the program to other channels, the thing is I had a slight delay.
    Actually I do not know about when opens HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, but if you find out something I will make you know

    • ncdvdmb

    • Duplicate commen deected; i looks as though you’ve already said that!
      Duplicate comment deeced; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  3. Anita,hicimos uno de los canales que desee jugar sym bionic titan?

  4. Creo que dijo si queria jugar sym-bionic titan si es eso lo que dijo me encantaría…Dónde lo hicieron?
    I think he said if I wanted to play sym-bionic titan if that’s what he said I love … Where did it?
    I wrote it in English and Spanish for comfort XD

  5. Ademas yo hablo español me es más cómodo que lo escriba en español…y si necesita dinero tal vez yo pueda hacer una donación jajaja :D

  6. ¿Por qué estamos hablando en español otra vez?

  7. Lol sorry about the other post anita I am not very good at spanish. anyways I was asking if one of the channels are finally showing sym bionic titan.

  8. I regret to report that I had still a slight delay and I could not ask permission to show their program Genndy other TV channels, the thing is I can not do without Genndy’s permission but they can help me for permission to Genndy and let me know so please tell :D


    • lalalalalallalalalalalalalalallaallaallalalalalallaalallalalalalalaalalalalalalalallalal


      Silence broken!

      • to late.. i already broke it LOLOLOL

  10. Sorry ive been out for a while i have a LOT of stuff to do i am also an orange belt now XD!

    • symbionic titan will always be a great show,

  11. No I loved this series!!!! I wish it would return so I could watch it again!!

    • Just download it!


  12. Well Hotel Transylvania is finally coming out. I didn’t know it was a movie and I thought it was a tv show lol. So are you guys going to watch it?

    • when is it coming out?

  13. For sure! Looks awesome and being one of Genndys babies why would it not be? :)
    Looking forward to it.

      • Click watch trailer…looks awesome!

        • man i just saw it! it looks awesome! i liked the start when she said but i am 118 years old! hahaha to old i think!

  14. wow I can’t believe how long absent but hey I’m glad I re … if I’m going to see yes or yes Hotel Transylvania I didn’t lose it for nothing, is so funny

    • same here

  15. I notice the final episodes of this were shown at 9:30am. Now the “second season” of Mystery Inc. is back but is running at 2pm on weekdays; I wonder why CN schedules these to make them unavailable to their adult fans…

    • dude… u are in the wrong POST.. this is for SBT..

  16. lol wrong post also i broke a week of silence cant wait for Genndy’s movie

    • Saw the first ad for it on a plane the other day.
      Hopefully now Genndy can get back to SBT!

  17. *sulking*.. it’s crap you know.. this whole 20 episodes thing. I had only one adjustment to make to want to see more episodes. It was the fact that the art style was “Dexter’s Laboratory” but the content was I would say at times “adult”.. not a children’s show as it’s rated in my opinion. But then again, I’m no child.. I’m a full grown man that watches cartoons, lol. But I wouldn’t say I’m ashamed of it, or that I’m immature to watch sth animated over some reality show. I figure even if I watch a cartoon that’s crap. It’s crap sb spent alot of time drawing. In other words, it takes real effort to make a drawing move, you must always be aware of how many frames of animation blur by in just one minute of sitting on the couch.

    But I digress, I just wanted to say, there’s nothing like this show.. like all Genndy’s work it was a complete original in concept anyway.. everyone seems to have drawn the parallels of Voltron fighting a new “robeast” every new episode as Titan would fight a creature. There are plenty of other borrowed ideas – it’s not what I’m saying about being original… the writing, the voice acting, the characters, the story lines.. they were a-ll SO F@*#^#& brilliant and beautiful.. for example in the episode where the “lightning beast” in the space station and the other 2 teammates start thinking of all the kind stuff Octus has done for them and how they worry for his life? That’s original, never seen anything like those flashbacks in any animation I’ve ever watched and I’ve watched ALOT of animation. All the little nuances like that, the attention to details, like in the swamp the SDFX they collected for the “demon within” episode? It’s really a crime to not let this show live longer.
    screw toys, it’s games kids really want anyway.. sorry kinda bummed… the sick part of all of this was that I’ve been watching CN as longer as I can remember, certainly between 2010 and 2011 and I NEVER saw ONE commercial for SBT – not ONE… I bumped into this series one day floating around youtube as we often do becoming the slave to our own curiousity, heh.

    Wasn’t big on the title it didn’t make me interested in seeing more, when I finally got around to reading the plot, still didn’t have an idea how G was gonna pull off such a premise.. but all you have to do is watch it and you start believing in this show, the characters are additive. Everything feels so natural with this show that you leave your doubts at the episode title screen. The man even got Tara Strong.. look her up, she’s practically a celebrity in her own right..

    I guess it’s just a sad fact .. I can only hope someone else have better judgement and possibly picks the show up the way CN did with Family Guy.
    No matter what.. and even though you probably aren’t reading this Genndy.. “Thank you, you did great”


      • *bows*

  18. I’m so tired watching a cartoon series I love ( justice league and sym-bionic titan) and the netwworks get rid of them for a stupid reason. SBT was a fantasic cartoon with wonderful storylines. Bring it back!

    • it is airing reruns on the toonami block on adultswim so maybe if the ratings are high enough they may consider bringing it back since they aren’t all toy happy for that block but ratings themselves

  19. Lack of merchandising is in the house but, it’s not the real foundation of the problem. Tartowski will not get any “toy product’s” because his work is too near Japanese Anime. And the power’s that be high up in the biggest Media Corp’s like Warner & Disney have allowed Parents Television Council and Accuracy In Media to villify Anime and it’s American Allies like Gendy. George W. Bush himself started this back in 2004 by attacking Anime in front of the U.S. Congress as supposedly ‘”A dangerous and evil form of violent child pornographic rape imported from Japan”.

    People were stupid enough to believe this. And Gendy God Bless him is an Alliy and Friend to Anime. His style reflects it too well. Even the new Thundercats Cartoon has been cancelled and sidelined for similar reasons. Though American Style Art, its’ story lines reflect a more Anime and Asian setting.

    Only “Michael Dante Dimartino” has managed to successfully run the gauntlet and not merely survive but, thrive.

    A fitting piece of Fan Art mixed with a Newspaper Editorial Cartoon would depict Sokka, Zuko, and Aang manning the Gun Battery on the bow of a WW II Liberty Ship. Desperately fighting there way through a Wolfpack of Republican & Parents Television Council U-Boats. Having fired the 3 inch Gun to the point of the barrel melting down and having rammed one in two. Yeah, Bogart’s Action In The North Atlantic meets Anime & Cartoons.

  20. Well,
    say what you will but I’ll be staying up to 2AM or at least leaving my TV on for as long as SBT is re-airing episodes, just the fact that CN has started re-airing this show says they may have re-ordered their thinking slightly.I understand it probably won’t bring the show back. But ya know, things always start small, showing a pulse of interest in a show they obviously feel they are taking a gamble with (2AM time-slot)is the first and possibly only way to communicate to the network that anybody gives a $%*! about it.

    It’s strange.. in almost every country in this world being politically diligent is just a freakin’ way of life. But here in the US if an authority takes sth our of reach from the ppl’s grasp – you know, make ‘em work for it. Then the ppl just complain and go find another source to fill that place. I suppose cartoon’s aren’t the most important thing in life. But I learn alot from them, I learn the way of life a person has from a different country I learn what they think is funny and what is embarrassing and what is stupid.. in other words, another’s perception from a different orgin than I started from and that sorta thing interests me, not just the style and total package of the anime.

    All I’m getting at is, if everything is connected -certainly politics, then fighting for a cartoon is not really so different than fighting for sth bigger. I know to write CN would be a huge waste of my time, who hasn’t complained yet to them that watched this show. Obviously the “toy thing” was just a way to get rid sth they couldn’t say “no” another way about. So it’s down to this.. I watch what there is, while it’s there for me to watch and maybe, just maybe if enough ppl are interested and the ratings reflect that.. it will be noted.. Maybe CN will think about taking a bigger chance on Genndy. In whatever small way it is… this is my way of fighting.

  21. this may be just a rumor but i heard that the creator announced he may get back to sym bionic titan after hotel transylvania. he announced this at this recent comic con. keep your finger crossed i hope this rumor becomes reality

    • I Hope So-But Wikipeatia Says The Show Ended In 2011 So I’m Not Sure. But Hey If We Rally Up Enuff Suport Then They Just Might Do It (That’s What Happned With Kim Possable And It Made Disney History). So Here’s Hope’in.^^

      • You guys are still takling about this? After all the time its been? I love you guys. I loved this show too and all the other shows by this guy (still think they could have extended Samuri Jack another season or so. Would have been pure magic). Its dedicated people like you guys that will be able to make CN see the light and finally eventually bring the show back. (funny how its the shows like this they always cancle but keep some shows that are complete crap).

        On a related note they’ve already brought back the much missed Toonami programing block, relaocated to the midnight Adult Swim time frame. It all happened because they teased it on april fools day but made a twitter account for it and people litteraly attacked it to ask them to bring Toonami back agian (in some form). Hopefully CN and other companies like that will get smart and use that method more to assess what shows like this they support, keep, or revive in the future.

        • Ya Like I Said Disney Renewed Kim Possible Base Souly On How Strongly The Fans Wanted It. Only Thing Standing In The Way For This One Thou Is They WONT Bring It Back Unless They Have Ideas For Things To Sell. That’s Why When People Message Them They Should Pitch Ideas Rather Then Just Ask For The Show Back Or Yell At Then For Ended It So Soon.

          • sticks and stones will win the day.

  22. Anita made a promo video! Also I think she was in contact with Genndys management and maybe CN to see if her promo had any effect. I could be wrong about the CN bit but the video was great! That’s a sales idea…selling the show.
    Also there’s still the issue of Sony owning the rights to Titan and now that Genndy has finished Hotel Tran I think he’s free to do whatever but if Sony own the rights to Titan then he’s a bit stuck…possibly. I posted something in more detail on this earlier in the year. Either way I would love to see another season or 2.

  23. Sorry my bad. I found that post but its the other way around. CN own the rights to Titan and Gendy was under contract with sony to do Hotel Trans and Samurai Jack..

    From what I can gather Tartakovsky has left cartoon network and is now with sony animation. Im assuming that cartoon network had some kind of rights associated with Sym-Bionic Titan and now that he’s moved to sony the right to Titan remain with CN.

    It looks as though he working on two new productions, both animated films, Samurai Jack (which was actually not bad) and Hotel Transylvania.

    Hopefully he makes a return to producing season 2 of Titan after he’s completed these two animated films with sony.

    There’s still hope yet and Im sure Titan is a favourite of his (how could it not be being so different from anything else) so we could see it being taken up by sony as a future release.

    Maybe its in his contract to complete Samurai Jack and Hotel Transylvania then sony will allow the production of season 2, 3, 4…of Titan.

    We can only hope that this is the plan. Big companies like this are always looking at longevity and maybe they see the potential of Titan and are delaying it. It wouldn’t surprise me if Titan is what sony really want tp produce but maybe Tartakovsky wants more time to develop Titan further before subsequent seasons because of its potential.

    • I Just Want Them To At Least Give It A Proper Ending. Hopefuly They See What They Have And All Will Be Well.

  24. Come on I finally find something I like and they have to cancel it