Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Sym-Bionic Titan’ Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

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sym bionic titan has been canceled Genndy Tartakovskys Sym Bionic Titan Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

Genndy Tartakovsky has been responsible for some of the best, most creative, and most iconic animated series of the past two decades, including Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (you know, before it was CGI).

Most recently, Tartakovsky created Sym-Bionic Titan, an animated series about an alien princess, her bodyguard, and their robot, sent to Earth disguised as American high school students to escape the war ravaging their home planet. Frankly, it’s a fantastic show, which is why it deeply saddens me to learn that it has not been renewed.

According to a “Cartoon Networker” who spoke to the TAG Blog:

“Genddy’s moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn’t have enough toys connected to it. If you don’t have the [toy sales], the studios don’t want to renew for another season.”

Sym-Bionic Titan is a hilarious, action-packed, and beautifully-rendered homage to anime such as Voltron and Castle in the Sky and 1980s John Hughes films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. (There’s even an episode entirely dedicated to satirizing The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.) Though the action and adventure portions of the show would appeal to animation fans, young and old, the humor is geared toward teenagers, as well as twenty-somethings and above – hence the obvious jokes at the expense of shows like Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries.

Check out an awesome clip below:

I think it goes without saying that, if this turns out to be true, Cartoon Network has made a massive mistake. So what if Titan doesn’t have enough toys for the merchandise-addicted children of America to purchase? And so what if the show’s ratings weren’t particularly amazing to start? Let it breathe! Let it grow! Produce more toys, if you must! Advertise this show to those adults who watched Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack when they were kids. Genndy Tartakovsky is a brand name unto himself, and it’s a shame that Cartoon Network cannot comprehend that. Which is to say, if this turns out to be true.

For fans heartbroken about the rumored cancellation, myself included, keep in mind – Cartoon Network hasn’t officially canceled the show as of yet. That said, they haven’t renewed it either, and with a full series slate next year that includes Green Lantern: The Animated Series, DC Nation (a show that spotlights various DC Comics properties), the Thundercats remake, Level Up, How to Train Your Dragon, The Looney Tunes Show, and more, it’s looking more and more likely that this top-notch series is doomed.

sym bionic titan poster Genndy Tartakovskys Sym Bionic Titan Canceled Due to Lack of Merchandise?

One of the rumors, though entirely unconfirmed, is that Tartakovsky has moved on to direct Hotel Transylvania at Sony Pictures Animation, an animated film utilizing the classic movie monsters of yore (Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, et cetera).

If true, I’ve suddenly become interested in Hotel Transylvania.

Sym-Bionic Titan airs the last two episodes of the season – and probably the series – on April 2nd and April 9th @9:30AM on Cartoon Network.

Source: TAG Blog [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. This is why I hate cartoon network. They make awesome shows, then cancel them for stupid reasons and replace them with stupid shows…

    Is there merch available for Hole in the Wall? What about that Dudes show? They aren’t even cartoons!

    • Let’s not forget crap like Tim and Eric: Awful Show! And they must really be raking in cash with their perennial April Fool’s joke, The Room! (Although that one I’d love to see toys made out of… lol!)

      • Slightly unclear from your comment, but The Room is just aired on Adult Swim – there are no more actual ties to its production than when CN airs The Goonies and the like.

        • thumbs down for cartoon network!!!!!!!!!!

      • I thought I was the only one that thought Tim and Eric was AWFUL! Glad I’m not alone.

    • i FREAKIN HATE CARTOONNETWORK NOW!!!! I hope they learn their lesson!!1

  2. WTF?!? I could probably come up with 2 dozen or so different toys… and these would pretty much be the regular non-action action figures to begin with! There’s of course the 3 titular characters, their mech forms, a different monster for each episode, the ruling characters of their planet, the traitors, the cars and characters from the Tokyo Drift ep, Solomon and the G3, the humans and their army vehicles, etc, etc, etc! Then, there are all the playsets they should easily be able to come up with AND mechanized versions of most of the above! WTF, Cartoon Network?!?

  3. This is… Wack. I am impressed by The 1 minute video link I just watched and Had not even heard of the show before now. Maybe if ot weren’t in the time slot it’s in now and was a part of the AS line up, or right before… As opposed to King of the Hill, which has had a full run on FOX… So, where’s the loyalty?

    Don’t get me wrong! I love my potty humor e.i. Robot Chicken, but I am always down for an origional concept from a cartoon like Sym-Bionic Titan.

    WTF Cartoon Network!?

  4. This was a great show, and it dissapoints me that CN would give it the short end of the stick.

    • “facepalm times infinity”

  5. I stopped watching Titan after the first season. It was fairly entertaining but not entertaining enough to keep me a fan. GT is a well-spring of ideas, but this one wasn’t a great one. Better luck next time.

    • You know, it’s still in its first season.

      • My mistake. Its midseason break then. Whatever, lol, I still lost interest.

        • red flag cartoon network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • there is a lesson to be learned here, and I’m definitely talking to you CN.

  6. This is a great show and I’m really sad to hear this. This was one of the shows that are out right now that gave me hope that this might actually be a good decade for cartoons. But if CN has gotten so dumb that they are going to get rid of the few good shows that it does have… I just don’t know what to expect… I really hope that they don’t cancel this and that it will go on, but if they don’t keep it running it will be a real shame… CN come back to the glory days of the 90s and KEEP SYMBIOTIC TITAN! :'(

  7. I imagine moving it around the schedule and taking it off of Friday nights didn’t help it much either.

    • It never does…

      • CORPORATES!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Had No idea this was tartakovskys show. Now I’ll dvr it. Somebody get this guy
    to make a samurai jack live action movie please.

      • Yeah, my assumption is, a year and a half later, that that project has fallen through. Else why have we heard nothing further about it?

    • the director of immortals wants to tackle a samurai jack live action film.

  9. No, Damn you! Damn you CN, damn you all to hell!!!! First Toonami, then you ruin Ben 10, now this. Isnt your thirst for blood enough?

    • Agreed, i miss Toonami and Ben10 is just a piece a crap now. They always go back on things that were stated in the original series

  10. i was just starting to get into this show, they better not cancel it.

    • prediction: either someone will bring the show back or bring cartoon network down.

  11. Wow just when the show was getting good this past episode was great and now you cancel the show but you keep generator rex and ben 10 generator rex sucks and ben 10 should have ended a long time ago and I use to work in toys r us so I knoe none of those toys sell at all so they need to either keep it or move it to adult swim and get rid of that god vs the devil show

  12. you know what the really stupid thing about SBTs cancelation is? theyre not renewing it because “Herp no toys” when THEY DIDNT COMMISSION ANY TOYS!!!

    • this is a shame and what’s worse is that this is all because of toys. outrageous!!!!!!!!!

  13. Has cartoon network turned into an animated version of NBC where they cancel all the truly great ideas? This show is top notch like un-natural history and tower prep what’s next the canceling of young justice? I say parents boycott the cartoon network as they now suck

  14. I just hope Tartakovsky finds a way to continue the series, whether it be another network, an online series, or even comic books or something, he should definately put a good ending, where Ilana, Lance, AND Octus, return to Galaluna and defeat Medulla.

  15. For me the show is ok but the reason for canceling it is….idiotic.

  16. Are you serious right now?

    It’s such a great show. What the crap CN???

  17. No please don’t cancel! I love this show! I’ll buy all the toys if I have to!! D:

  18. Ugh, what the crap Cartoon Network??

    Just go ahead and cancel your network while your at it! This show is amazing, I mean, I watched the last eight minutes of the seventh show and had no idea what was going on and STILL loved it. Ugh, they are all so stupid, first Teen Titans and then they continue Ben 10 (Or Ben 10 Million as I call him).

    Guess I’ll go back to watching the lame subs of anime for teenagers at 4kids…

  19. CN is making a huge mistake by canceling Sym bionic titian. This show was very creative in story line, which most of CN shows these days are remakes(ex. Young Justice, Batman)I love my superheros but it’s the same thing every time. CN is driving away their preteen/teen audience by putting shows such as dude what would happen?, hole in the wall, and that build and destroy show. The preteen/teenage audience are looking for shows that grab them in and remind them of the really good cartoons that they used to watch, and I personally think Sym Bionic titian does that combining different plots into one story line. The whole merchandise thing is an excuse to end the show, because I’m sure their “reality shows” don’t have any merchandise.

  20. NOOOOOOOO!!! Why do they have to cancel my favorite cartoon. Please don’t do this Cartoon Network. Who cares is there’s no merchandise. With the Samurai Jack action figures were released like two years after the show was out. Please chant with me.







  21. OMFG! Why is it that the shows im interested in hardly ever get that many seasons why others suck so much but can last at least half a decade. Just look at Marvel super hero squad, that show doesnt stick to real comics but I have a feeling it will definitely last awhile.

    • RIGHT!

    • Well, that show you mention wasn’t meant to stick to the real comic continuity…. it was meant to be in a totally different universe/dimension.

      • tv networks have changed since I was younger.

  22. Don’t blame them I rember joss whedon wanted angel renewed faster so no one would have to pass up othe rporjects it was the samething here they had a choice pass up better more instant success projects it was a buissness move I would have made myself.And if gene was a brand things would have worked out it didn’t so obviously that isn’t true.And as much as people want cn to aim at them they’re looking at kids not adults and while the shows gainning that adult viewership on other show’s this one didn’t it’s sad but true.

    • samurai jack was a casualty of war to CN.

  23. The New Execs at CN ought to be strung up by their nipples and forced to be fed Arsenic until they die. Seriously, why destroy such a great Show. That’s the problem with CN now; theyre only about Brainwashing Younger kids with Cartoons Created by Middle-Aged Crack Addicts and Acid-Trippers that probably are linked to Adult Swim. Genndy Tartakovsky is like the Tarantino of Cartoon Network, yet they find it Grand to defame his mastery at crafting such a unique universe.

    The show is something That I legitimately can strap myself into. Unlike your Typical CN Shows of the modern era, there is gratuitous Violence that I can actually enjoy–there’s always a Movie-like atmosphere with Genndy’s work. It’s just so dismantling to see something that I’ve grown so fond of in such a confined amount of time be swept out from under my feet.

    I ought to work out to prevent that in the near yet distant future.

    Here’s to his future projects, but even if you came up short, Genndy, we’d have hailed you for making a masterpiece.

    • I started to cry when i heard that it’s cancelled. When I started to watch Sym Bionic Titan, I could really connect to Lance. I had moved, I was scared. after i started watching it, I felt powerfull and I felt as if i a had a mission. Lance is my hero and my idol, and I really love him to bits. If any one is reading this right now, I really want you to know this show was a part of my life and now that its gone…..Idon’t know what else to do but say I want it back. Before this show, I felt like a dumb kid who couldn’t do anything right, but when i started watching, I felt like the strong, smart, and independent person I really am. So now i sit here and cry because guess what? I’m just a dumb kid again.

      • If you’ve learned anything from Lance, it’s not to sit down and take it when life gets tough, you have to stand up and fight for what’s right. Stay strong, independant, and remember what you’ve learned. Never give up. We are stronger then anyone thinks, even ourselves. When things feel dark, remember the things that made you smile and move forward. Memories are something no one can ever take from us.
        Who knows…maybe one day, we’ll see our friends Lance, Ilana and Octus again.
        Have faith…stay strong.

      • what does stuart snyder think he’s doing?

  24. This was one of the few shows that I even bothered to turn on the TV for. If CN and the other channels keep going the way they are, removing good shows for the brain dead ones, I am going to cancel my Cable. I use to watch TV every night, but most nights I don’t even turn it on now. The other night I was disgusted to see the show on CN that starts with two guys touching their tongues together is still coming on and that take Sym-Biotic Titan off?

  25. Samurai Jack sucked, but this didn’t. That’s a fact.

    • Re: Blugorsky,
      “Samurai Jack sucked, but this didn’t”

      It sucked?????

      A signature piece of animated genius sucked???

  26. I am so sad about this news I am a 55 year old life long toon fan I hope CN dose not make this huge mistake, Titan is one show I will miss come on CN please renew this show, if you think i will watch new loony toons shows your wrong TITAN is the kind of show I watch on your netwok, what are you thinking ??

    • the cancellation of this animation not acceptable with in this nation because of some corrupt corporation that doesn’t respect their fans fascination.

  27. Just when i was truly beginning to love and look forward to this wonderful show, they cancel it, not because of voice actor problems, not because of horrible ratings, but because there aren’t enough toys attached to it? It’s a sad day when something so wonderful can be allowed to fall through the cracks because of something so trivial.
    This was a show anyone could get into, even if not from the onset, it told a wonderful story and kept you wondering what would eventually happen to these characters and made you care about them.
    I guess in the end, we will never know the fate of our friends in this universe, and to me, that will always leave a feeling of emptiness and sadness. Maybe one day, someone will remember this treasure and bring it back to the light were it deserves to be, and to those who allowed this to fall, i say, shame on you, for failing such a wonderful show, so miserably. I will always be a fan of Titan, Octus, Lance and Ilana, and will always remember this story with a smile.

    • Me too it is sooo sad i love this show!! I will never forget it…. =(

      with sadness forever,

      • this is going to come around like a boomerang, and well…. you all know the rest.

  28. Such a shame to see it go before its time. To my knowledge Tartakovsky was the last of the original folks that had started as just a loose collection of shorts that eventually turned into a network with Original Cartoons. Reasons are speculative and likely will never have an answer as the current group in charge of the Network have shown a grudging tolerance for some Cartoons that has turned into all out hate as their attempts at live action have largely bombed out. And now their live action is one again hitting the skids They are going to play to the lowest level and throw out one of the best action animations they’ve ever had. Good luck to him at Sony and hopefully some place like Hub or Disney where he’ll get the respect he and other animators deserve.

    • CN keeps on bringing us down.

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