Sylvester Stallone Discusses His ‘Rambo 5′ Plans & Retiring John Rambo

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sylvester stallone rambo 51 Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Rambo 5 Plans & Retiring John Rambo

Over the course of the past two years, Sylvester Stallone has altered his stance from being “99% sure” that Rambo 5 isn’t going to happen and expressing interest in directing a First Blood prequel, to last year’s announcement about a possible fifth Rambo flick (subtitled Last Stand) and saying that he’s now “dying” to produce one more chapter in the Vietnam Vet’s violent saga.

Stallone has spoken out again about Rambo 5 (which has yet to be officially greenlit), describing the still-theoretical project’s current situation as “There’s a volcano eruption [brewing]. The magma of Rambo is coming to the surface.”

Here is what Stallone said about the last (for real this time) story he wants to tell about John Rambo, via MTV:

“I know there is [another story to tell]. It’s one thing where you lay down the final culmination of your life where you can articulate it, but also act on it where [Rambo] realizes what his destiny really is. It’s not to be a farmer, it’s not to be obscure; it’s to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that’s just his id? That’s who he is.”

On his previously-mentioned plans for Rambo to battle Mexican crime gangs in the film:

“I like the whole Mexican situation, what’s going on down there. So I’m working on a formula for it right now.”

From Stallone’s description, it sounds as though Rambo 5 would “retire” the John Rambo character, in a fashion similar to how 2006’s Rocky Balboa served as a thematic conclusion to the cinematic life of… well, Rocky Ralboa. However, the former would also be a literal concluding chapter to the existence of Stallone’s famous, ruthless, war vet persona – judging by Sly’s “going out in a blaze of glory” comment.

rambo5 Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Rambo 5 Plans & Retiring John Rambo

Stallone’s loyal fanbase won’t start deteriorating anytime soon, thanks to his impending slate of “throwback” starring vehicles – including, the Expendables sequel, the Walter Hill-directed Bullet to the Head, and The Tomb, co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thus, there should still be a demand to see Stallone lay his second-most famous cinematic alter ego to rest, in the manner he’s planning with Rambo 5.

Rocky Balboa (a.k.a. Rocky VI) certainly has more than its fair share of steadfast defenders, who feel it served as a proper swan song to that Stallone-headed franchise. Sly’s desire to do likewise for the Rambo series should also be received by many people as a worthwhile endeavor. However, the detractors will probably (continue to) argue that Rambo (a.k.a. Rambo IV) already accomplished that task.

What do you think of Stallone’s plans for retiring the John Rambo character? Sound off in the comments section.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on all news concerning Rambo 5.

Source: MTV

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  1. Truthfully I’m SAY huge Stallone fan always have been. And if he can take Rambo to the level he did rocky Balboa I am there. Stallone is the true action hero. No one has anything on him he has been a bad ass for years.. so I say bring me as many movies as u want sly. I will always be there to watch them..

    • Well said!!! I agree 100%

    • Sly thanks for the commitment and dedication to producing great stories and entertainment. Give us as many Rocky and Rambo movies you think is necessary. The true fans will always be there! These two characters have had a tremendous positive impact on my life and I share them with my children. Thanks Rocky….. I mean Rambo…I mean Sly!!!! Love ya bro !!!!

  2. Rambo 4 had a great ending but I would love to see another, heck even 2 more would be great if he can still manage it. I’ve read a few good ideas for sequels from some of the comments here so story wise there shouldn’t be a problem. But please, Sly, don’t let Rambo die!! I’m South African but can still see the spirit of America in the Rambo character. He should eventually end up back home, at peace and perhaps with someone to share it with.

  3. I think a cool ending to the rambo line whould be how it began my vision for rambo 5 was that the hard ass cop from the first one is now In congress or some bull and never got over it and he trys to kill rambo one last time kinda takes the whole “shooter” vision still might be interesting
    whole shooter”

  4. If a fifth rambo is made it needs to be epic like the fourth one. But I think the idea of a team I think would suit rambo good it should have to do with an minvasion of the american heartland maybe an apocalyptic scene where he gathers survivors of and american mexican war I wanna see rambo like we saw him in john rambo. Destroy everything. Lol

  5. I just want to say to Sylvester Stallone that he musn’t die in Rambo5… I am probably his biggest fan because all my friends call me Rambo(my nickname)… I have seen all his movies and love all of them,but I am going to be vrey disapointed if he dies… He can get shot and just make it out of there and then retire as a farmer… The caracter Rambo deserves to be at peace for once…

  6. I just want to say to Sylvester Stallone that he musn’t die in Rambo5… I am probably his biggest fan because all my friends call me Rambo(my nickname)… I have seen all his movies and love all of them,but I am going to be vrey disapointed if he dies… He can get shot and just make it out of there and then retire as a farmer… The caracter Rambo deserves to be at peace for once.

  7. HEy Ben maybe you’ll get to like the Air Force. Zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

  8. I really liked the ending to last Rambo movie. If he reprises the role one more time, he must keep it simple and at least end it in a similar way. I don’t want to Rambo retired fighting like crazy. Let the character see peace.


  10. Stallone was the one who changed the ending of the First Rambo film “First Blood.” Rambo in the book and script was set to die in the first film. Stallone though changed the ending.

    So the fact that we got Rambo sequels is a testament to Stallone and it worked out to create the iconic character into Amercian mythology and dictionaries around the world.

    So if Stallone was to kill him off, I wouldn’t be against it because he was the one who kept him alive, he was the one who brought him back for the last film-something no one thought would happen. Every call Stallone had made has been the best. First Blood was always meant to end on a sad note. Maybe the next Rambo film will give the ending we may have got for First Blood.

    Everything dies. And it looks like Stallone understands Rambo’s life.

    There’s no way that because Rambo went home in Rambo 4 that suddenly everything is ok. He’s got alot of memories and alot of them are not good ones. A soldier like him returning to life in Americia after his time in the wilderness isn’t going to be alright, he may need the fight because that’s who he really is.

  11. I heard on the radio early this summer that Rambo V was officially announced and that it was a go. Haven’t heard anything new recently about this film. The last movie was radical. He is still a butt kicker in The Expendables 2 so if he doesn’t wait to long he should be able to pull off one more Rambo movie. All the Rambo films were really good (my favorite one is still First Blood) one of the best action films ever made. Hope Rambo 5 makes it to the screen and it is as hard core and as explosive as the Rambo 4. Bring it on Stallone give the fans something really good to remember you by. Just don’t make a film with Rambo going up against some alien creature like in predator unless you have Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film with you. This was one of the ideas for Rambo V but it looks like it may be dead in the water. Hopefully Rambo V gets released in 2013 or 2014. See you at the movies.

  12. I’m a hugh Rambo fan and therefore been waiting all this while for a 5th instalment of a Rambo sequel. Kind of disappointed and turned off knowing Sly will kill off the Rambo character and am not too keen to see that happen. Rambo is a good man with a conscience, a hero on the side of the weak against the tyranny of evil. A fitting ending will be to see him as the last man standing after defeating the bad guys and lives to enjoy the victory. The fans get satisfaction when Rambo remains a living legend. That’s what movies are all about.

  13. Just don’t kill off Rambo, he’s too much of a badass to die by anything other than natural causes!

  14. Lets go Stallone. BRING IT ON!!!!

  15. I love the Mexican Cartel story idea. So many story lines to tell with that. I would like to add my voice to the many. 1 last heroic battle, epic story line, but let Rambo finally find happiness. Don’t kill off Rambo…not to the cartel. Old warriors don’t die, they just fade away

  16. If anyone has watched the behind the scenes of Rambo, you know the original ending for Rambo 1 was him dying in the end so if a Rambo 5 would present itself then I think Rambo should die in the end, going out the way he was made to ; being a hero dying saving something or someone

  17. I think that rambo v would be a wonderful idea if rambo dies o well if he doesnt great but just the pleasure of seeing one more of these epics is good enough for me please sylvester stallone follow through with this great idea

  18. I am 16 and the Rambo series has changed me a lot over the years that I now have a large homemade display dedicated to the films

  19. He needs to make rambo 5. Absolutley a must. And he doesn’t need to end his life. Just have him back on the horse farm in peace and an ending smile on his face. Rambo should not be killed off. He needs to live the rest of his life in peace with an ageing father on that beautiful horse farm.

  20. Quick comment i would like to see him do the movie on human trafficing. there is so much of it going on. I would like to see him kicking butt and bringing it out into the limelight. If anyone can rambo can. Comon sly work your magic. No holds barred.

  21. Rambo needs to find peace mr Sylvester Stallone is right on one respect. He should end it like he ended rocky. But he should not be killed off if at all passable. He also needs to find a girl. Perhaps the same girl in rambo 4. Mishanarys in mexico would work good. fight the drug lords and kill them all. Of course they live happily ever after on his fathers farm. Hell I could even wright the script for him.

  22. I think Sly should do Rambo 5 starting from a young boy growing up and being recruited Col. Trautman. going to Vietman showing his best friend Joey (part of Baker team) getting killed, which ultimately changes him into who he is now.

  23. MAke rambo 5 but don’t kill him off I’m sure it would be awesome personally I can’t wait for it

  24. I’m not sure why people want to retire the character of Rambo – we could still make 2 more Rambo movies – so it’s a nice bookending of 2 trilogies – and if Sly Stallone wants to come back in later life to direct 3 new prequels it would be great.

    Rambo is a great literary and screen character – killing him off whether it be in a blaze of glory or not – is a mistake – did Chaplin kill The Little Tramp?

    I am looking forward to Rambo 5 and hopefuly Rambo 6 – I don’t want to see Rambo die in in some blaze of glory melodramatic crap, if that happens in any Rambo movie it’s going to sh*t on the audience.