Sylvester Stallone Discusses His ‘Rambo 5′ Plans & Retiring John Rambo

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sylvester stallone rambo 51 Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Rambo 5 Plans & Retiring John Rambo

Over the course of the past two years, Sylvester Stallone has altered his stance from being “99% sure” that Rambo 5 isn’t going to happen and expressing interest in directing a First Blood prequel, to last year’s announcement about a possible fifth Rambo flick (subtitled Last Stand) and saying that he’s now “dying” to produce one more chapter in the Vietnam Vet’s violent saga.

Stallone has spoken out again about Rambo 5 (which has yet to be officially greenlit), describing the still-theoretical project’s current situation as “There’s a volcano eruption [brewing]. The magma of Rambo is coming to the surface.”

Here is what Stallone said about the last (for real this time) story he wants to tell about John Rambo, via MTV:

“I know there is [another story to tell]. It’s one thing where you lay down the final culmination of your life where you can articulate it, but also act on it where [Rambo] realizes what his destiny really is. It’s not to be a farmer, it’s not to be obscure; it’s to go out in a blaze of glory in a heroic fashion. But is he really doing it for himself or is he doing it because that’s just his id? That’s who he is.”

On his previously-mentioned plans for Rambo to battle Mexican crime gangs in the film:

“I like the whole Mexican situation, what’s going on down there. So I’m working on a formula for it right now.”

From Stallone’s description, it sounds as though Rambo 5 would “retire” the John Rambo character, in a fashion similar to how 2006′s Rocky Balboa served as a thematic conclusion to the cinematic life of… well, Rocky Ralboa. However, the former would also be a literal concluding chapter to the existence of Stallone’s famous, ruthless, war vet persona – judging by Sly’s “going out in a blaze of glory” comment.

rambo5 Sylvester Stallone Discusses His Rambo 5 Plans & Retiring John Rambo

Stallone’s loyal fanbase won’t start deteriorating anytime soon, thanks to his impending slate of “throwback” starring vehicles – including, the Expendables sequel, the Walter Hill-directed Bullet to the Head, and The Tomb, co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thus, there should still be a demand to see Stallone lay his second-most famous cinematic alter ego to rest, in the manner he’s planning with Rambo 5.

Rocky Balboa (a.k.a. Rocky VI) certainly has more than its fair share of steadfast defenders, who feel it served as a proper swan song to that Stallone-headed franchise. Sly’s desire to do likewise for the Rambo series should also be received by many people as a worthwhile endeavor. However, the detractors will probably (continue to) argue that Rambo (a.k.a. Rambo IV) already accomplished that task.

What do you think of Stallone’s plans for retiring the John Rambo character? Sound off in the comments section.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on all news concerning Rambo 5.


Source: MTV

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  1. I would saying going out in a blaze of glory would be a fitting end to this warrior. But one thing I’d like them to do is have an appropriate funeral for him, not just have him die with no one finding him. If the actors who played the Vets he rescued in Rambo 2 are still alive, I’d like them to attend.

  2. I thought how the last one ended with human going home was perfect personally.

    I don’t want to see Rambo die… I want ot see him live at peace for once. And him finally going home seemed to indicate that.

    • I agree

  3. After all the Rambo movies I would hate to see the character die. I loved the fact that he went home in Rambo 4. Killing this character would not be good for the franchise as a whole IMO. Going to a Rambo movie means seeing Rambo take out a massive amount of enemies and live to tell the tale.

    • I agree completely, I HATE the idea of killing Rambo, it would ruin the mystique of the character. I liked him finally coming home and finding the peace he so deserved. Killing Rambo turns him into a “mere mortal” when Rambo should be legendary, he represents the indomitable fighting spirit of America, something that should NEVER die.

      • “…he represents the indomitable fighting spirit of America, something that should NEVER die.”

        Spirit of America is killing everyones (olds \ womens \ childrens…) for getting OIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MAKING MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
        (Irak , Afganistan , Lybia , Syria & Iran soon….)

        Each drop of gaseline that you put inside your car is a drop of blood somewhere on the globe , our planet earth , our house.

        John Rambo realized in First Blood part II what kind of ugly s*** live inside Gouvernment workers up to the highest degree…
        its particulary WHY he left the Army at the end of the movie

        Im NOT SURE that the John Rambo Character would have liked this statement of yours…

  4. The last Rambo movie was great and the ending was good.

    I think Stallone should leave the series the way it is but if Stallone goes foward with Rambo 5 then I hope Rambo doesn’t die, he’s a popular character and should finally peace just like in Rambo 4, he goes back home.

    That ending was great.

  5. Agreed with both Kahless and Shadown. Either scenario would work really. But even if John dies, through death he could find peace. Either scenario could work me thinks…

  6. If this film goes forward i hope Stallone directs after watching Rocky Balboa i think he is born to direct another huge conclusion to another great franchise.

  7. I want to see him and John Matrix from Commando get taken down by a Predator…

  8. Yo Stallone, if you are reading this do not do another Rambo. I loved the way Rocky ended and the way the last Rambo ended. They were perfect endings. Rambo went home, he found peace. In part 3 of the franchise, Rambo said that he didnt want to be a full blooded combat soldier anymore. He went home and found peace with himself. He came full circle.

  9. I’d like to see a group of rednecks try to move Rambo off his land and he just goes apeshit on um.

  10. i have yet to see rambo IV. or any of the rocky films for that matter. the first three rambo films were pretty good. but the third started to get a little cheesy but was still good.

    • that last rambo was an ass kicker,the best one . rambo needs to go out in a big blaze of glory,in a sceen where tons of crap gets blown up and it looks like he had to die, but then maybe not

    • eh… from which planet do you hail from friend?

  11. in the last rambo stallone was a killing machine,the next one he should take on the taliban in pakistan,blow up half of pakistan then the pakistanies nuke Rambos ass!!! end of story line

  12. I’m all for it. First Blood was the second movie where I literally memorized every single line (the first being Star Wars). Rambo IV was a great conclusion to the saga, but if Stallone thinks there’s another story there, I say bring him back!

    And as for him dying — Rambo died in the book that the original movie was based on, so it’s somewhat fitting.

  13. the ending of 4 was perfect he’s just milking the franchise now with a pretty stupid plot. just leave it as it is, if anything we need a prequel, showing us how he became the ‘warrior’ we know him as, i would be up for that.

    • +like

    • Totally agree – that was a great ending to the series. Ending with some class. Was not happy when I heard about another one.


  14. I believe the last rambo film had a great endind, but if i can put my 2 cents in i would love to see a conclusion with rambo going back home & having to go tru the small town that started this franchise, bring back all the original cast & having some of the people he rescue do cameos. or they can branch out the franchise by putting stallone & arnold (has comando) to make one of the video game that is yet to become a film…. CONTRA

  15. I wonder if he’s gonna call it “John Rambo”. I would love to see Sly just leave it alone with the way #4, but maybe do a prequel.

  16. He should wrap it up with the character dying in battle. Would be fitting.

  17. Please make another one!!!

    I loved the last one

  18. I agree that I don’t want to see Rambo die. Just imagine what would have happened if they went ahead with the original plan of having Rocky die in #5.

    I’d like to see him find peace in life, not in death, because that would mean he didn’t learn from his experiences and just went out fighting. What kind of conclusion would that be to the tormented soul he portrayed in part 1?.

    I’d rather see him go home, bust some heads Walking Tall style, have them come to his farm at the end where there’s plenty of traps that he’s set for them, he takes them all out and then everyone learns not to mess with him and then he finally finds his peace… or something like that.

  19. Stallone, please DO NOT kill Rambo ! If they are going to make another one he should be saving the kidnapped daughter of a female Mexican farmhand from the “coyotes” (I live in AZ and can attest to the fact that there are plenty of real life human trafficking cases here), he should dispatch the Mexican cartel , save the girl, marry the mother, and settle down and enjoy a little bit of the American Dream in his final years.
    The greatest tribute to Rambo is that he LIVES , not dies, it’s what every soldier fighting overseas longs for.

    • ^ like ^

  20. I want Kris Kristofferson to star as Rambo’s father in Rambo 5. He would be the ideal character for that role.

  21. Methinks Sly should work on a prequel, the ending for RAMBO 4 was perfect. Don’t kill the character, PLEEEEASE!!!!

  22. No one “wants” to see John die but let’s face the facts here, he’s one of a kind and has been turned into a warrior. He lives to fight for justice nothing else. The sad truth is, soldiers returning from war have a massive hard time reintegrating with the general population. The fact that John Rambo simply “can not” (even though he may “want” to) live a normal life, would bring to light some of what our true heroes deal with as they return to us. Many wounds are not visible to civilians and wont allow themselves to be forgotten. The only character that can do this is John Rambo. He’s a good guy, a hero and, can only survive by doing what he does.

  23. Massive massive fan of Stallone and the Rambo franchise. He needs a grand finale, a swan song. We need a new Rambo, a final Rambo. Pleeeeease

  24. I believe a “First Blood” prequal would be awesome before coming out with a “Rambo 6″ to put John Rambo to rest.